Video Games to Movies - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Bryan Dawson (Prima Games): Hollywood always seems to have video game movies in production at various studios. Unfortunately, with almost any existing property turned into a movie, these studios tend to ignore what made the source material great in the first place, and instead change things to appeal to a wider audience. That said, here’s a look at some of the upcoming movies based on video games.

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Jaqen_Hghar1883d ago

The key is picking something not too outlandish. Uncharted, AC, COD, BF, Heavy Rain, and others that don't require much CGI and can get by on practical effects are best for conversion to cinema. AC would be great if they just eliminate the animus element from the narrative. Just tell an awesome story of the formation of the two groups or possibly pick up with Ezio discovering the ancient conflict. The story is deep and the characters are there for the taking if acted out by some great talent. MGS would be an AMAZING movie if done correctly with some collaboration by Kojima (but trim the fat from his storytelling).