Homebrew returns just in time for WiiBrator


"As soon as Nintendo released its anti-Twilight Hack patch in an attempt to stifle the Wii's homebrew scene, programmers set to work on finding vulnerabilities with the new firmware. They understood that there was more at stake than just homemade applications and games -- the very future of Wii teledildonics was at risk.

Fortunately, an update re-enabling the Twilight Hack was put out just in time for Team DWiildo's WiiBrator release. We're sure you can figure out how it works. Of course, PC applications interfacing with the Wii remote have provided similar functions in the past, but this "advanced vibrator simulator" is actually run through Nintendo's console."

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PoSTedUP4742d ago

did i understand correctly? did they say whut i thought they said? someone please help me out here.

Wildarmsjecht4742d ago

I read it. I'm not approving, in fact. I'm leaving. Peace.

pimpstation4742d ago

I guess themart is gonna have to buy a wii now.

RufustheSage4742d ago

Wow. . . I gotta find a video or at least a chick willing to try this out. Damn. . .

nbsmatambo4742d ago

So in short, if you get home and find a sticky Wiimote, drop it ASAP

Skerj4742d ago

Well, at least the name Wii is apt, lonely chicks of the world unite.

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The story is too old to be commented.