This Is Why Hellblade Puts Other Major Developers To Shame

Developers are taken a different approach to making video games of late and most of the creative decisions are not always in the best interest of gamers.

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4logpc1887d ago

Sorry but I dont trust anything they say after the downright disrespectful comments and attitude towards Devil may Cry fans. They flat out lost themselves a customer.

Death1887d ago

Ninja Theory is considering themselves as indie developers for this title. They are using the indie tag due to the short length of Hellblade. Depending on the price point they release the game it is brilliant or incredibly stupid. Typically one of the biggest differances between indie and triple A is the price the consumer pays. It will be interesting to see how an Indie AAA is priced and received.

DigitalRaptor1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

They are using the indie tag to describe how they are doing this game independently and without publisher influence or using traditional means. They've already said that the approach will be AAA but done independently, so essentially it's AAA on budget.

They've also mentioned that the price will be lower to reflect the fact that the game is shorter. I told you this yesterday. Please watch their EGX presentation, it's a very interesting and insightful talk:

Death1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

The game length and price are still unannounced. The only thing we know is the game is shorter and the price will be lower than a typical AAA game. I'm not sure I understand the benefit of releasing a short game at a reduced price. It really all depends on how short the game is and how reduced the price is. With many devs targeting the 8-10 range for $60 games, a game in the 4-5 hour range would need to be priced at $29.99 or lower and have half the development budget in order to have the same success as a typical game. Finding people willing to pay close to $10 an hour to play the game might be difficult also.

Keep in mind this is the same developer that refuses to do a sequel to Heavenly Sword because they don't feel it sold enough copies.

RyanShutup1887d ago

I bet if the game receives critical acclaim you'll still play it tho ;)

4logpc1886d ago

I make my decision to purchase a game long before reviews hit.

I dont let reviews impact in a positive or negative way my decision to purchase a title.

elninels1886d ago

Your reviews comment is silly, it means "No ones opinion matters but my own."... said the id.

OpieWinston1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Wouldn't the correct title for the article be "This is why Ninja Theory puts other Major developers to shame"?
Unless you're trying to put a spin on Hellblade being Ninja Theorys game to put the rest to shame...Either way, being fully transparent is what most indie devs have been doing for a while. Not so much recently but that's how indie started.

Hellblade is the game.

Personally I'm walking into Hellblade with my eye on the ball... after DmC.

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed DmC but they really didn't want to build off their fanbase with that game.

R6ex1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

I'm looking forward to playing this game more so than DmC.

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NeoGamer2321886d ago

I find it difficult to believe anything around Ninja Theory is any better than any other devt. Their games have been good, but I wouldn't call any of their games exceptional or overly innovative.

Sales of their games have also been very average. Given the exposure they have received, you would've thought they would be able to sell more on their games.

I like devts being transparent, but that is not necessarily going to translate into a better game by the end of the devt process. What it will provide everyone with is a clear understanding of what to expect from the game when/if they do buy it.

elninels1886d ago

OT...You aren't special or cool for adding a t to devs.

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