14 Incredible Video Game Stories You'll Never Stop Discussing

WC: Although it’s still hotly debated amongst critics of all generations, we’ve finally arrived at a point in time where video game stories can at least contend with some of the best film and literature has to offer.

Sure it’s still debated, and whether or not you think gaming has its own ‘Citizen Kane moment’ is something that might forever remain entirely subjective – but there’s always those games that alongside brilliant gameplay mechanics and art aesthetics, wear a tight and polished script with pride.

Getting narrative beats to land as they’re intended is something developers are still tangling with in games. On the one hand you’ve got titles like Call of Duty that’ll lock you to a particular track to lead you through a level, and on the other the likes of the Metal Gear Solid series which, following the first Playstation title has become increasingly fascinated with just showing you cutscene after cutscene.

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Xb1ps41884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I have to mention mk9.. Sure it's not in the level of metal gear and tlou and many others but in the fighting genre it was awesome compared to other cooky cutter stories like street fighter, teken, dead or alive.. Here's to mkx showing the fighting fans what a good story and a ton of content should be like for fighters..

Inception1884d ago

Yes, MK9 have good story. But a lot of fighting fans already knew if you want good story than play Guilty Gear or Blaz Blue.

So do me a favor: beside waiting for MKX, please try Blaz Blue: Chrono Phantasma (already released) and Guilty Gear Xrd that will come this december.

Xb1ps41883d ago

I think I tried blaze blue was it free on ps+? And is that the game you have to read? I dont mind reading at all but in a game I much prefer voice. Not sure if I tried guilty gear but Ill stick with mk for a game to have that long of a history and still show how it should be done is awesome.

TheWackyMan1884d ago

almost every game on that list has a better story than The Last of Us. It had a fairly good story, but to go as far and say that Bioshock, MGS, Silent Hill 2, Ocarina of time, and more on that list, all have worse stories than the Last of Us? Bullocks.

kingdomtriggers1884d ago

Ocarina of time is my favorite game of all time, but really? Last of us doesn't have a better story than zelda? Not arguing that last of us has the greatest story of all time, because I would argue its more about some of the best video game performances of all time, but I don't believe anyone believes zelda tells a better story than it.

Big_Game_Hunters1884d ago

The list maker doesn't understand the difference between a game's story and it's cutscene direction. TLOU had a pretty typical zombie story with a predictable ending to anyone who knows foreshadowing. What was impressive was the voice acting, facial animations, and cutscene direction.

Now if we want to talk about a game's story, Xenogears should sit comfortably at the #1 spot. The list is missing a few others like original starcraft.

Big_Game_Hunters1884d ago

Shenmue and warcraft would sit well on the list too. If only we could see the end of shenmue :/

Spotie1884d ago

Trying too hard there, boss.

kingdomtriggers1884d ago

I disagree about TLOU having a pretty typical zombie story with a predictable ending. I don't believe anyone who says they saw the ending being both characters survive and Joel lies to what is essentially his daughter now because he is too selfish and jaded to give a damn about the world. And having it ambiguously end with Ellie either believing him or accepting the lie and realizing just how pitiful Joel is. Yea not a predictable ending.

TXIDarkAvenger1884d ago

MGS was just incredible. Glad I bought I PS3 for it.

CerealKiller1884d ago

Heavy Rain was probably my favorite on this list.

Kalebninja1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

um excuse excuse where the heck is kingdom hearts?

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