How Capcom Can Revive Megaman

OXCGN: While Keji Inafune toils away on the hotly anticipated Mighty No. 9, Capcom is (at least publicly) twiddling their thumbs, watching as he creates the Mega Man game die hard fans have waited years for. After a string of unsuccessful games in the Battle Network and Star Force series, the blue bomber was primed to return in a series of titles announced a few years ago (Legends 3, Universe), only for a string of bad luck to hit. When Inafune left it seemed all was lost for Megaman, and Capcom reacted by cancelling every in development title they had.

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RocknRolla1882d ago

I honestly haven't played any Megaman games, but that FPS looked wicked. Definitely would have picked that up. Shame it got canned :(

Darkfist1882d ago

all i want for them to finish Legends 3 :(

luis_spartano1882d ago

Crapcom won't do that.

The company killed Megaman, Resident Evil, Breath of Fire without mercy, and that's why I don't give any dollar from my wallet to them anymore since 2006. And I don't intend to.

swice1882d ago

Decent article. I can't say I completely agree with everything (such as accessibility to new fans), but a good read.

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