Opinion: Is the technology ready for the new generation?

One thing seems unanimous when speaking of this generation of game; the online play and social should now be an integral part of the new offerings of games. Although the concept has benn established for several years, is the technology sufficient to meet the new expectations of today new-gen players?

It became almost commonplace to see video game launches botched by technical problems; the impossibilities to play the game or even see redesigns and deactivations of options. While developers should always deliver the best possible gaming experience, it looks like it's now a matter of making the game work before offering a wider experience.

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Jaqen_Hghar2563d ago

Yep. PC gaming has shown us this. Next question.

vric2562d ago

Diablo 3, SimCity 5 and Battlefield 4 wound't agree (ok 2 of them are from EA which doesn't help)