Crytek on Ryse PS4: We're Always Open To New Opportunities

Crytek's Brian Chambers confirms that the company is open to the possibility of Ryse PS4, although probably not any time soon.

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PCBOX1887d ago

"Crytek's Brian Chambers confirms that the company is open to the possibility of Ryse PS4, although probably not any time soon."

If you could,you would already do that but %100 sure you have a deal with MS so talking out of a**** no needed.

GarrusVakarian1887d ago

The anger in your comment combined with your username and avatar is hilarious.

bouzebbal1887d ago

no Crytek, please keep that garbage away.

morganfell1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Crytek owns the IP PCBOX. They can do with it what they will. It is one of the issues that led the the dispute with MS over another deal.

nowitzki20041887d ago

Ol thats how i feel. Same with dead rising. Maybe gears to ps4 would excite me even forza. Ryse never excited me.

nX1887d ago

God Of War >>> Ryse

UltimateMaster1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Who would mind if it comes to the PS4 anyway?
The worst that can happen is that it's in 1080p.

UltimateMaster1887d ago

It doesn't save the game tough, unless they completely change the AI, add new enemies, change the combat mechanics to God of War/Bayonetta/Devil May Cry/Metal Gear Rising and call it: Ryse: Rising of the Devil God.

kaiserfranz1887d ago

I didn't notice his name and avatar at first, thanks for pointing that out!

Pogmathoin1887d ago

Many here saying shlt about Ryse, yet never played it....also saying do not bother bringing it to PS4, yet when its other way around about saying do not bring indies to Xbox, its butthurt fanboys..... Another day here at N4G tower.... Ryse was run of the mill.... A new game on a new console.... Usually not a big selection to choose from at the release of a new console, so it did the trick for me.... Much like the average Killzone was enjoyable for me on PS4 when it launched...... Move on guys.... Ultimatemaster, stop BS'ing.....

d0x3601887d ago

Ryse is such an under rated game. Everyone plays it on normal and misses all the nuance of the combat. Put it on hard which shuts off the indicators and you actually have to pay attention and read the fights to win. Its fantastic.

Its ryse the best game ever? Nope. That doesn't mean its bad either. I'd take ryse over quite a few games.

As for whoever said make it like god of Do not. The combat in ryse takes skill when played properly. As much as I love of of war its a button masher. Spam 3 moves and you can beat the entire game without ever changing weapons or using any magic.

MaxwellBuddha1887d ago


Agreed. Ryse is a whole different ballgame on Legendary difficulty. The enemies are far more aggressive and will try to surround you, they force you to change up your attack if you fall into a pattern, and they alter the pace at which they strike, making it harder to defend against them. Throw in the fact that you can only take 2-3 hits before dying and it makes for a satisfying feeling every time you advance past an area.

Ryse is really under-appreciated, and I have no regrets buying it Day One. I may even buy it on Steam this Christmas if it's marked down considerably just to check out how the PC version differs.

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Alexious1887d ago

They can. Yerli said that they can do "whatever they want" with it. It's likely just a matter of opportunity

buyakabuyaka61991887d ago

"talking out of a**** no needed."

You should take your own advice sometimes.

Patrick_pk441887d ago

When they remove the CTE fest then they could port it over. As it stands, it is shit.

VforVideogames1887d ago

Well I already play this game on my XB1 but since ps4 owners are all about graphics and no gameplay then this game should fit perfectly, my ps4 still waiting for greatness;(

CaptainObvious8781887d ago

If you're "still waiting for greatness" then you should just give your PS4 away to someone that actually enjoys games because you obviously don't know what a quality game looks like.

mike_honcho1887d ago

I hope you never question why you have 1 bubble

cannon88001887d ago


I just read your previous comment regarding the Halo Collection.

This is what you wrote: "One of the best looking games of all times.343i made a great job.I don't want to imagine the visuals of Halo 5 and next Gears of War.XO you are an unchained beast no doupt!!! #1"

Look how much happiness is coming out of that comment. And now here there is so much anger and hatred. Everyone here knows that you are anti PlayStation.

ThunderPulse1887d ago

I don't want Shovel ware on the PS4.

Magicite1887d ago

So crytek didnt go bankrupt after all?

Christopher1887d ago

Up until Ryse was released, I was hyped for it. Then the gameplay let me down. I don't see it being something I would care about if it came to the PS4 unless there were drastic gameplay changes.

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d_g1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

stop talking about Ryse on PS4

if you not going to release it on PS4

end of the story

DeadlyOreo1887d ago

Do people even want Ryse on PS4? I couldn't care less for that.

buyakabuyaka61991887d ago

Nah, absolutely garbage game. I won't mind having ryse 2 with better gameplay on ps4 though.

Mr_Writer851887d ago

Same. It's nearly a year since its release and it's not set the world alight.

Ship has sailed as far as I'm concerned.

It wouldn't be worth it, rather they spent money on other projects.


InTheLab1887d ago

Not that Ryse looks like a must have but I will never turn down a new game on a console I have...

I say bring it or shut up like d_g says...

Neixus1887d ago

I could of want it just because of the graphics.
But gameplay is pretty repetetive, and it's already out on PC so doesn't really matter anymore to be honest.

PR_FROM_OHIO1887d ago

I don't i want a new GOD OF WAR game!!! but it will be kinda funny to see this end up on the PS4

ABizzel11887d ago


Some want it just to troll, and more than likely it would be 1080p @ 30fps, so more fuel to the fire, and if it does happen it probably means that Sony was the publisher that helped them out of their financial trouble.


Ryse wasn't a garbage game, it Batman + Assassin's Creed, minus the memorable villains of Batman, the exploration of both games, the diversity of weapons and gadgets of both games, extremely linear compared to the openness of those games, at the cost of better graphics.

So yes it wasn't good, great, or amazing, but it wasn't garbage either, and it actually had a solid story and a solid foundation that could be built upon, so I agree that the potential of a sequel is there, they just need to capitalize on those aspects that Ryse is missing from Batman and AC.

Add more diversity to combat, add a few mission based sections, make it significantly less linear (doesn't have to be open world, but open area is definitely the new linear so get with it). Add to that a great story (hire a writer who's done stuff like 300, Gladiator, Spartacus, etc...), a great struggle / villain / hero, and Ryse can rise from being a 7 - 7.5 game, up to a strong 8.5 - 9 range

kaiserfranz1887d ago

I guess some would like to see if it could run at 1080P on PS4.

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Volkama1887d ago

But he was asked directly, and gave a pretty straight answer.

OC_MurphysLaw1887d ago

Sales 101....never tell the consumer "no". Its always maybe, possibly or I will look into that and get back to you.

Alexious1887d ago

Usually in this industry it's "no comment", such as Assassin's Creed: Rogue being released on PS4/Xbox One.

mac_sparrow1887d ago

Dlacy, your comment immediately made me think of this...

OC_MurphysLaw1887d ago

OMG...priceless! +Bub to you for digging that great clip up!

die_fiend1887d ago

Here's an opportunity:

An opportunity to realise that PS4 owners don't want your sh!tty Xbone fail games to fund your transition to free to play games that are going to make you even less relevant than when you were making gameplay-free Crysis games

Forn1887d ago

Nobody who only has a PS4 cares if Ryse comes to the platform, just saying.

Volkama1887d ago

Plenty of people care. They don't want to play it, but they want it to exist and run at a higher resolution than the XBox version.

You know the people I mean.

Ezz20131887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

the same people last gen who did care about having a bit better grass or a bit better textuers
and made a very big deal out of that

are the same people who pretend now that they don't care ...since they don't have the upper hand any more

you know the people i mean

Volkama1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

I suspect the kind of people you speak of might exist, but I have never sought to confirm it. Can you provide an example?

To save you some time, I wouldn't bother looking into my history as you will not find that I fit that description.

Spotie1887d ago

Never sought to confirm? Have you been surfing this site with your eyes closed or something? There's no need to "seek" that info; it's pretty obvious.

Unless you're pretty oblivious...

Volkama1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Spotie, if you re-read my comment I am sure you will notice that I agreed it is possible that such people exist, and I welcome Ezz to confirm it with examples. It would be quite entertaining to expose those people, don't you think?

I also do him a kindness by informing him that there will be nothing to find in my own lengthy comment history, to save some valuable time if that thought had crossed his mind.

There may be things I am oblivious to, but I am well aware that N4G has been fanboy territory for a lot of years. If you read the comments on this article you will see that my first response was accurate. Plenty of "I don't want to play but it would be great if it was 1080p!" comments.

Ezz20131887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

i'm not talking about you ,Volkama

i'm talking about the people who do that

dantesparda1887d ago

Really Volkama, you think he's talking about you and dont know what he's talking about? Yeah, you really are oblivious, willfully oblivious. I love the game you pretend to play, its pretty obvious. But keep thinking your fooling anyone.

Volkama1886d ago

Yes, I did think Ezz may have been referring to me with his comment. I don't like fanboys on either side, so I got a bit defensive and I pointed out that the accusation didn't apply to me.

I would love for you to elaborate on "the game that I pretend to play"?

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