Hack brings PS4 streaming to Android Phones

Remote Play, the Android-exclusive feature that allows owners of Sony’s PS4 owners to stream footage from their games directly to their smartphone is no longer exclusive to Sony’s smartphones. At least, it isn’t for owners of other Android devices. Thanks to an enterprising member of the enthusiasts community, practically any Android users can pair their smartphone with a controller and their PS4 using Remote Play.

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jujubee881883d ago

iirc, this isn't news and the actual app (for PS4 remote-play) isn't yet on the Playstation App. This will be on a future update to the app.

joeorc1883d ago

And again Sony was not going to only have xperia only devices to have this app! I do not know why some insist on claiming that because Andrew house already stated it was xperia devices first than other non playstation devices. Xda developers are known to release apks that test its functionality before a company's ready to release the full apk release. This was not a hack! This was running a apk side load' and many times its to test non and completely rooted android devices and since Sony mobile has official release instructions to root your device for anyone that wanted to do so right on the xperia website. Its not a hack !

Mr Pumblechook1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@joeorc. Sorry, my friend but I have to correct you.
When Andrew House was talking about bringing it to other non-Sony platforms, he was speaking about the game streaming service called PlayStation Now.

The Sony run Xperia YouTube channel has repeatedly answered questions to say that PS4 streaming would be on Sony Xperia phones only. Of course this is subject to change but for now that's there plan.

joeorc1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Its really going to non xperia only devices, see the development for remote play is also going through the playstation app.

Trust me in this I know it is.

They talked about this on the development Time line projections remote play past 2nd screen devices are a way off still because of many things but already through the 2nd screen functionality you can already do quite a bit with the App already. Its not just playstation Now only remote play is also being developed.
And of course they are concentrating on xperia platform 1st its about getting playstation "mobile games" into more hands but Sony products 1st


I feel like it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Android isn't the most secure platform to be promising content exclusive to one manufacturer. I mean you can seriously get touchwiz or htc's overlay running on anything out there.

Now if I could just get an app to pair my ds4 with my nexus 5....

16bitNutritionist1883d ago

The six axis app does that doesn't it? Might need be rooted though not sure.


Nope. The dualshock 4 isnt compatable w the sixaxis app. Super disappointing because I was sure that ds4 support would be ready as soon as it came out.

The usb converter worked really well with my nexus back when I used to use it, but I think it needs to be said that back in July, my phones battery exploded- this was during the time I used the converter on a regular basis. Not necessarily blaming the converter itself, just worth mentioning is all.

16bitNutritionist1883d ago

Oops maybe I need to stop using the USB convertor I have. Don't really fancy the battery on my phone blowing up haha. Come to think of it I do notice my nexus 7 getting extremely hot after using it.


Not to freak you out or anything but I think the heat coming from the phone is a dead giveaway. My nexus 5 also became unusually hot before it broke.
I am going to mention that I don't only use my OEM LG charger though. That COULD have been a factor in the phone melting down, but it just doesnt add up. Droid chargers are a dime a dozen and even some of the cheapest ones work like a charm for me. I've used the exact same chargers with 2 other phones now and have no issues. The only thing I stopped using is that sketchy USB adapter thing.

What I'm trying to say is that i don't know it was the adapter for a fact- but I have a reeeeeaaally strong feeling that its the culprit behind it all. Damm phone could have set fire to my house.
In any event id be pretty cautious if you've already noticed your phone getting hot. That obviously means the insides of your N7 have been agitated by the adapter. I'm not kidding around when i say you should REALLY think about calling google to see what they can do about repairing or replacing your unit.
That heavy smoke and smell of burning plastic coming out of my charger port at my work desk was honestly one of the scariest things ever.