PlayStation Plus price increase explained

Robert Fisser, head of PlayStation for the Middle East and Africa, explains why PlayStation Plus has gotten more expensive in developing countries, and how PlayStation TV will be presented on the market.

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LordMaim3026d ago

It would be worthwhile to note that the increase is in South Africa alone. The headline makes it seem as though it was an increase across all markets, which it is not.

guitarded773026d ago

Yeah... I was too lazy to read the article, so I was freaking out. Good thing Lord Maim had first comment, or I would have ranted. Stupid lazygamer.

SilentNegotiator3025d ago

These sites know what they're doing; if they put "in South Africa" in the title, they wouldn't get 1/4 the amount of hits.

MasterCornholio3025d ago

They should change their names to "lazy journalists".

mikeslemonade3025d ago

THey should make it $64.99 msrp, afterall it is better than XBL gold.

3-4-53025d ago

Lazygamer i guess = Lazy journalist with a lazy misleading title.

They obviously have no shame.

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Xb1ps43026d ago

Yea I saw that title and was like wtf! Did Sony just go full crazy! After dc and all that "back end" stuff!

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nucky643026d ago

yea - horrible title. I stopped to look at the story because I thought price increase was for everyone.
don't know how this gets approved with a misleading title.

kstap333025d ago

Clearly, the people in charge of approving articles are not very good at their jobs. This site's a joke anyway... literally. I come to watch fanboys fight. It's the blind leading the blind around here.

3026d ago
Blaze9293026d ago

seeing as the question was half asked and answered, I'd be more concerned in the why and hoping this doesn't come to other markets. Just because it isn't your market doesn't mean you should brush it off and not care.


Spotie3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Go away.

You know damn well that's not the case here.

Nilla_Nate3025d ago

A misleading headline on N4G? Nooooo waaaaay.....

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XtraTrstrL3026d ago

Click-bait at it's finest.

Jason_Plays_PC3026d ago

Playstation plus South africa price increase explained.. Fixed the title for you..

porkChop3026d ago

How was this article approved with only 5/10 approves?

DeadMansHand3026d ago

Story = WTF Like Website = No

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The story is too old to be commented.