GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One sales 'should pale in comparison' to Xbox 360/PS3, says Pachter

Sales of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 "should pale in comparison" to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

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SniperControl1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

You dont need to be a top analyst to predict this, the PS4/X1 installed units is nowhere near the PS360 install base.

Patcher is absolutely useless when it comes to game related forecasting, this is the man who said the X1 would dominate the PS4 at launch. lol

vishmarx1889d ago

he said xb1 probably outsold ps4 in the month that destiny launched lmao

LordMaim1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Gee Pachter, way to go out on a limb there.

Edit: It's good to know that regardless of your system preference, we can all unite behind our dislike of Michael Pachter.

UltimateMaster1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Patcher is nuts to think the sales would even come close to those of the PS360.

Those 2 system had close to 80 million each if not more making it 160M combines.
Both consoles sales of GTA5 combine had over 10 million units sold.

The PS4 alone is over 10 million, but no where that 160M. That would mean that 110% of all PS4 owners... would need to buy GTA5 and that's impossible, it's not gonna happen.

First of all; it's a remaster, not a new game.
Not everyone goes out and buys remaster editions even if the GTA5 is prety damn good and worthwhile.

Secondly; based on the previous sales numbers, it's around 3:1 sales of the PS4 version over the Xbox One version... that's not a huge total of consoles.

Thirdly, not a single game sold that many units even new ones. Now yes, a lot of people are buying the new current gen over the other but even combining those old gen numbers don't come close to what GTA5 sold last gen.

Now these new systems are supposed to outsell to huge install base of last gen?
I know the PS4 is selling extremely fast but even I know that it's not gonna happen, that'd be insane to even suggest that it would.

hay1886d ago

GTA5 has a potential to sell about 50% of the last gen. It's how this game should be played, and it should be next-gen enough to beat all of the competition. Everyone will be on top of that.

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dennett3161889d ago

Anyone with consciousness would say's obvious, a 100% certainty. In fact, it's so obvious that even people in comas could predict it.

MajorLazer1888d ago

Gta V on PS360 sold over 33 million units. X1/PS4 haven't even sold that many consoles. Pachter just states the ****ing obvious

lelo2play1889d ago

"GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One sales 'should pale in comparison' to Xbox 360/PS3, says Pachter"

I agree with Pachter on this. GTA 5 PS4 & X1 sales are going to be nowhere near the sales of GTA5 PS3/X360 versions. Most people have already played the game, so naturally they aren't willing to put out another 70€ for the same game.

johndoe112111889d ago

Wow that's some great analytic skills there buddy. And here I was thinking that they would obviously sell less because there are 70 million more ps3's and 360's than there are ps4's and xbones. You sure are smart.

MasterCornholio1889d ago


The biggest reason is the size of the install base.

bloop1888d ago

He should go work for Pachter with those analytical powers.

johndoe112111888d ago


Next they'll be telling us that ps3 and 360's total lifetime software sales to date have out sold the ps4 and xbox one's total lifetime software sales because last gen gamers "just preferred to play more games".

Remy_Chaos1889d ago

Congratulations! You've earned an achievement - "Captain Obvious!"

Because it simply wasn't obvious enough...

lelo2play1888d ago

@johndoe11211, Remy_Chaos, King_of_Nothing

Actually what I said in my previous comment was intended for "slow" people to have an idea why GTA5 PS4/X1 versions won't sell as much as the PS3/X360 versions. It wasn't intended for "smart-a***s" like you guys.

So congrats, you guys just made fools out of selves...

King_of_Nothing1887d ago

Just stop, you're making it worse.

lelo2play1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )


Wow. You are one dedicated ...

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Artista 1889d ago

Unless you can't get enough. .

yezz1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Exactly. There aren't even enough new generation systems out there to reach those last gen sales. -__- Pachter is always stating the obvious but this is just stupid..

RosweeSon1889d ago

Talk about obvious 85 million ps3's around the same xbox 360's Bare minimum 150-160 combined worldwide sales over ps4/xbox one combined it's barely 15 million yet the gsmes already sold more than that so no they'll never match the original sales figures but who cares your either getting it again or for the first time or not at all, but this is news? I'll be getting it again for sure, ps4 thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.