The Perfect 10: Should Bayonetta 2’s sexuality affect the game's score?

MWEB GameZone writes: "For [Polygon's]Arthur Gies, the game’s emphasis on titillation was problematic. In his own words Bayonetta 2’s frequent sexualised moments 'causes an otherwise great game to require a much bigger mental compromise to enjoy'. It was a distraction to his enjoyment of the game and anything that distracts from the fun detracts from the score."

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HanCilliers1885d ago

I've not played the game so it's difficult for me to make a call on Polygon's lower review score. If I take into account what almost every other critic said, then I would say Gies was over reacting. I've read most of the reviews and sexuality is barely mentioned by anyone else. Only Kotaku also mentions it, but in a much lighter sense than Polygon.


weird that both Kotaku and Polygon would react on something other sites wouldn't... WEIRD!

xHeavYx1885d ago

Kratos goes around almost naked and no-one bats an eye. Have a woman be sexy and everyone loses their minds

UltimateMaster1884d ago

Yes, it should affect it, in a positive way.
At least that's how some people will rate it higher because she's sexy.
I doubt a ugly, disfigured fat woman would have similar scores.
It is what it is.

Chrischi19881884d ago

How dare them to make a fictional character beautiful^^ It is like these people want to control the freedom of creativity of developers with this shit.

The game is only a good one, if you can play as an old ugly hag, that barely reminds us of a woman, but is said to be one.

Shnazzyone1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I mean, it's his prerogative as a reviewer to pick his review scores and justify it. However, it seems more like a . "I'm afraid of social justice warriors will come for me if I give it too high a score." Than that he genuinely felt the game deserved that score. Personally, I feel the oversexualization is just part of the ridiculous nature of the game Bayonetta still kicks ass with awesome gameplay. It's almost mocking oversexualization to the point of parody. I wouldn't be able to dock a game for that.

Roccetarius1885d ago

Even Bayonetta 1 was mocking it in the same manner, so i wouldn't take it too seriously. It's just that people have become too sensitive with time, plus the focus on minorities in the media.

skwidd1884d ago

Sounds like Gies is uncomfortable having a gorgeous booty swinging in his face.

Septic1885d ago

I personally would not dock points for a game based on the game's sexuality.

Yes it panders to the sexual whims of us guys but the protagonist is a strong (super friggin strong) woman who is a far cry from your damsel in distress. She is aware of her sexuality but can flaunt it whilst simultaneously merking everyone in her path.

What irks me about Polygon's review is that they docked points on what just appears to be this issue of her sexuality. Gies doesn't appear to get what the protagonist is supposed be portrayed as (as above). Personally, I look at gameplay in assessing what a game should score. And Gies' review seemed to accept that the gameplay was 'exemplary'.

If it distracted his fun from the game then fair enough I guess. I personally think its ridiculous because Polygon have done this before. It just reeks of pleasing a certain vocal minority in the gaming community to me.

DVAcme1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

The thing is that Bayonetta is sexy and sexualized, but she's not SEXUAL. She does the suggestive, eye-candy thing, but at no moment does she make actual advances, and her character arc is NEVER derailed by any kind of romantic subplot. Luka, who in any other game would be the guy the heroine would be pining for, is merely an amusing, harmless diversion for her. This is a game that passes the Bechdel Test.

And saying Bayonetta's strong is a MASSIVE understatement: she's arguably the most powerful protagonist in videogame history. At the end of the first game, SHE PUNCHED GOD FROM PLUTO TO THE SUN IN A MANNER OF SECONDS. That is COMPLETE destruction of the laws of physics. Not even someone like Superman or Son Goku could pull shit like that off.

Loadedklip1885d ago

Agree ... except for the Superman comment ... if you read the comics you would know how OP Superman can get when he has to.

DVAcme1885d ago

One of Superman's big weaknesses is magic, though, so Bayonetta could wreck him pretty badly. Literally every single attack Bayonetta threw his way, no matter how puny, would hurt him. Even purely physical attacks, since her weapons are of demonic origin.

And like I said, punched god. That's kinda hard to top. You'd have to suplex god or make him tap to an armbar to beat that shit.

MartinB1051885d ago

Why are we debating this? The review is from Polygon and the game is not on a Microsoft platform. Therefore it gets points deducted. Now let's move along and continue to ignore Polygon.

Immorals1885d ago

Polygon hates on everything, xbox one included. I have an image of an office filled with oversized glasses without lenses and some obscure music in the background, whilst the floor is littered with Starbucks cups..

valet_Smerdyakov1885d ago

Of course it should affect the score. Also:
the protagonist is not black: -10%
the protagonist is not lesbian -10%
the protagonist is not handicapped (preferably in a wheelchair) -10%
the protagonist doesn't fight child labour and world hunger: -10%

The Meerkat1885d ago

A black paraplegic lesbian who champions the needs of the poor.....Yeah, I'd tap that.

Immorals1885d ago

Who is also a dwarf, can't forget that!

Dunban671885d ago

Who s also a games writer (handicapped by not being able to think for themselves so they just gravitate to the "cause of the day" He just did not get the memo for Bayonette

Now that the issue is out I m sure we will be seeing more articles like this one - apologizing for not addressing the issue

Jubez1871885d ago

If the sexuality took them out of the experience, then yes. JRPGs get knocked all the time for too much fan service. I don't see why this is any different.

Ck1x1885d ago

But this is Bayonetta! Her fighting style even plays on sensual moves! If it was in a Mario game or Zelda even then you could judge and argue it on those merits. How many years were boobs jiggling in DOA fighting games and I don't believe those games were ever docked because of it. It's not that I even care about the Polygon review, it's just that this 2014 and you would almost think that this game is the worst offender of being scantily clad!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1884d ago

Fan service should NEVER be seen as a negative.

Jubez1871884d ago

It can get pretty annoying. I don't know why I got downvotes when I didn't say 1 thing that wasn't a fact.

DVAcme1884d ago

I disagree. The line's REALLY thin between fanservice and exploitation, and when that line is crossed it can suck a lot of the enjoyment of a game. Bayonetta is on the fanservicey side of the line, with the sex appeal being an integral part of the character and even in gameplay. She IS a witch, after all, and the classic non-crone type of witch, which is femininity unleashed, a woman feared by men becaise she's sexually liberated and more powerful than the men. On the other side of the line, you have something like Killer Is Dead, in which literally the ONLY characterization female characters have is to either be a victim or a sex toy. Literally. You actually get many of the game's upgrades by being a man-whore who buys women into bed. That is disgusting.

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