Explore the radically different world of Hellblade

MWEB GameZone writes: "Ninja Theory has taken a very different approach in creating Hellblade. The world is so rich, so haunting and so overwhelming interesting that players could lose themselves for hours in it. Exploration will form a key feature of the game with gameplay mechanics and combat coming second in Hellblades fascinating world."

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schmoe1884d ago

woah! How was this not picked up by my radar? looks awesome!!

HanCilliers1884d ago

It's going to be mind blowing

Bhuahahaha1884d ago

pls dont rush it. take your time
it really looks great and i surely want to see this game succeed

HanCilliers1884d ago

I agree, really, really want this game to be something unique

Fil1011884d ago

Interesting don't know how I've missed this

Sillicur1883d ago

Wow this looks amazing!