How The Evil Within looks with gore mode on

The Evil Within has been censored in Japan, but players can opt in to “gore mode” with DLC. Here’s how the two versions stack up.

The Evil Within is called Psychobreak in Japan, and despite developer Tango Gameworks local roots, it has been edited to meet CERO D content guidelines.

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iGAM3R-VIII1885d ago

Honestly this game was so much fun

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theshredded1884d ago

awesome game,my favorite ps4 game so far

Chard1884d ago

How does it compare to Resi Evil 4?

theshredded1884d ago

A lot of similarities which is why I adore it.It's a bit similar to Silent Hill with the mindf*,creepy disturbing sh*t & psychological horror.The protagonist's no Leon & the game's isn't as ambitious as Resident evil 4 though.As a summary this game's the follow up u always wanted to Re4.

DeadlyOreo1884d ago

This guy was milking it a bit in the video haha. Great game though.

Clonetrooper11391884d ago

I have always found Japan ironic when it comes to this. They will make anime with little schoolgirls getting gangraped by demons, but a little blood. . .CENSOR IT!

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