Far Cry 4 Director "Gameplay Trumps Everything" - Never A Truer Word Spoken

"Does 1080p and 60fps matter that much? No, not at all. So long as the game plays great and looks good then what's the fuss? We never used to be obsessed with these matters, but for some reason we seem to latch onto anything that mentions resolutions and frame rates, when what we should really be concerned about is gameplay."

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LostDjinn1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

"We never used to be obsessed with these matters" - google search "lensoftruth" and "Digital foundry".

This has been going on for the best part of a decade. Nothing like a straight up lie to set the mood. This is nothing more than preemptive damage control.

Pathetic that people believe that spouting this type of crap will have anything but a negative effect.

Still, best of luck conning everyone Ubi. Oh, and the bloggers selling out any shred of dignity left in the gaming media.

Edit: I took a screen grab. Just so when they change the piece I can post it to display!

psvitamanfan1887d ago

Go back to the ps2 era and your average gamer didn't care about resolution.

Example, my mate Sam is your average gamer, he used to play games without bothering with reviews, previews etc (ps2 era)

Just yesterday he emailed me asking if he should get bayonetta 2 and if the frame rate is good on the wiiu and what resolution it runs at.

I've never been so disappointed in him - even after he chose a wii u over an xbox one/ps4.

Army_of_Darkness1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

yeah funny how that works now... when it was ps3 vs. xbox360 the media and everyone was all over it when the 360 had the advantage. Now that Sony's ps4 has the advantage it's suddenly "all entirely about gameplay! and nothing else matters!" LOL! when more things can be done with current tech, more things will matter. Period.

and obviously resolution didn't matter in the ps2 era because guess what? everyone still had an SDTV! now everybody has a 1080p HDTV so according to a thing called "evolution" all games this gen should at least be in 1080p to accommodate the standard HDTV and if a certain console can't obtain it, fine. Just don't hold back the console that can is all I'm saying.

1886d ago
ChunkyHD1886d ago

Visuals have always been a part of gaming. Stop being delusional. if the "average gamer" didn't care about visuals back in the day, why did console generations exist.

Stapleface1886d ago

Most people still don't care. It's the insignificant few that troll these articles all day that it matters too. Which (yes I'm pulling this out of my ass) might be .1% of gamers.

Harold_Finch1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Yeah, but not as specific. Not to the point of the publishers actually advertsing a game through the resolution.

If "gameplay trumps everything," start talking about gameplay and not resolution. When you put the statistics in, the comparison tests of old become useless because we find out from the game's advertising.

Gamer19821886d ago

Google lensoftruth? The site that stopped comparing games soon as Sony become the dominate console?? They only compared last gen because they were clear fanboys over there. Digital foundry exposed them time and time again and the fact they closed this generation pretty much confirms it.

medman1886d ago

Too bad Far Cry 4 will be hampered by being developed for the last gen consoles...could have been so much greater in scope if they focused on pc, ps4, and xbone.

Mithan1886d ago

Get lost. People like you are ruining this industry.

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LostDjinn1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

@psvitaman: I hit reply yet this posted here. Nonetheless...

"Go back to the ps2 era and your average gamer didn't care about resolution" - so in other worlds you agree. It has been going on for some time (even during the PS2 era).

Why is it you choose to lie, then get upset when called out for it?

Edit: to address who this is for.


psvitamanfan1887d ago

How does my comment agree with you in any kind of way?

I'm far from upset, my latest amazon parcel just arrived so I'm happy as can be.

LostDjinn1887d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

You go back to the PS2 era as a means to validate the statement "never used to..." and even then it's fraudulent arguments you rely on. Hence you've just agreed with/validated fact that the original premise is a fallacy.

Nice try at escaping accountability though. Better luck next time.

Edit: I have to ask. Do you think people are stupid? That's fairly contemptible.

Edit 2: @ you don't understand? Contemptible indeed.

psvitamanfan1887d ago

I honestly don't know what to make of your comments. I'm not "escaping accountability" or any other nonsense, in fact, I don't think there's even an arguement to be had within the article.

christian hour1886d ago

I'll go futher back than the ps2 era. Comparing the performance of the same game across multiple platforms and declaring who's looks the best has been going on since multiplat titles have been a thing. I witnessed schoolyard fights break out over who had the better version of Street Fighter II despite both games playing identically.

Gamer19821886d ago

Back then in the ps2 era every game near enough wasn't multiplatform. The issue with ps3 and ps4 is the fact nearly every title nowadays is multiplatform. Once exclusives like Final Fantasy, GTA and Metal Gear Solid are now multiplatform thanks to Microsoft throwing around a LOT of cash. So people need other reasons to decide there console choice as exclusives are few and far between and in most cases not the real reason they choose consoles any more.

Fanboys can delude themselves into thinking exclusives sell consoles but this generation has proved that simply is not the case and it takes more than exclusives to sell consoles. MS has had the most AAA exclusives so far and the most high rated exclusives yet Sony still dominates. I could go into reasons why but we all know I'm right just won't admit it.

Agent20091887d ago

"Gameplay Trumps Everything" you say. Oh, silly Ubisoft - but you haven't made one original game in the past 7 years or so. Most of your library is made of cliche first-person shooters and Prince of Persia-esque assassination simulators.

Gamer19821886d ago

Your partly right and they are only saying it as they are in mass defence mode right now. They are desperately trying to prove something as they have signed a deal with MS to lower the PS4 resolution and rather than admitting it they are making a new excuse every week. It's called damage control as people are now swearing off Ubi games. I did after the massive disappointment that was watch dogs.

Grimbarian1886d ago

Resolution doesn't matter, that's why we're all still using SD TVs, no wait HD Ready TVs, no wait Full HD TVs, no wait 4k TVs, yeah resolution doesn't matter...

Jaqen_Hghar1886d ago

screw the TVs that's why we are all still gaming on Atari 2600 and Magnavox Odyssey!

user56695101886d ago

but wait 4k dont matter when its brought up though. we say how much we paid for our ps4 and act like the technology dont exist

Roccetarius1886d ago

Seems like someone is still trying to defend the weaknesses. Gameplay can still be great, but there shouldn't be any excuse for less than 1080p / 60fps for this generation.

Simply put, they saved a bit too much on hardware this gen.

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