The Evil Within PC Issues, Random Crashes, Launch Problem and other Fixes

Guide4GameS: The Evil Within is out for PC alongside other platforms. The PC version encountering many major issues including Black Bars, Wont Launch, FPS Stuttering, Random Crashes and others. Here are the issues addressed with their solutions.

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HatsuneMikuDes1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I'm disappointed. When I buy AAA titles, I expect them to be well-made. Considering the 60€ pricetag on steam, pc players sure deserved better than this.

Volkama1879d ago

You're disappointed by the game, or by the apparent need for a fixes article?

If you are disappointed by the game, fair enough. If you are disappointed by the need for the article, don't be. This website posts up the same speculative "fixes" for every major PC release. They sprinkle in some system requirements and console commands to tailor it to the game, and up it goes.

They are just seeking hits from google searches on "<popular game> guide".

HatsuneMikuDes1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Why all the hate, I'm just saying that a AAA game should work and run good from the get-go. If you disagree with that, you're basically saying you're okay with paying 60€ for a game that is unfinished. I'm not okay with that.

EDIT: I'm disappointed in the game, of course.

Volkama1878d ago

You didn't get a disagree from me, I'm just pointing out that this article is nothing to worry about.

I don't actually know how the game has been received by PC players so far, besides the unpopular 30fps cap being in place by default.