The Evil Within: PS4 vs Xbox One Head2Head

Watch a graphics comparison between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of The Evil Within.

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vishmarx3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

o wow time for rambling already?,

go play the damn game, its a masterpiece you wouldnt wanna miss because there was texture pop in or fps dips
looks more or less identical btw

MRMagoo1233032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

are they different res? the xbox version looks foggy.

"looks more or less identical btw" besides they dont, the video isnt even that good and you can spot the difference right away.

Army_of_Darkness3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Looks like 720p vs. 1080p... I'm sure yall know which is which ;-)

Can't wait to play it though!

Gazondaily3032d ago

The X1 version looks a little bit more blurry to me. The shadows seem better on the PS4 version (darker?). Quite minor differences really but in favour of the PS4, which is expected.

bouzebbal3032d ago

it's like if they aren't running at same resolution. PS4 version seems clean and sharper.

Eonjay3031d ago

Yes it certainly looks like different resolutions, but I would hold my judgement until after DF takes a look. The PS4 seems to have particles on blast. Even the models look sharper in the PS4 version. Its like watching two different video cards run the same game... oh wait.

darthv723031d ago

They each could look the same if they were both dialed in on the sharpness, brightness and contrast settings of the tv.

Wasnt there a head to head a while back where it was really a test to see how many people realized it was the same game on the same system, just adjusted to look slightly different in each case?

i mean its not like comparing the genesis version of SSF2 to the SNES SSF2. There you could tell a difference but here...not so much.

UltimateMaster3031d ago

Reaching 1080p or not on the Xbox One shouldn't have been a thing.
The fact that it is makes it a huge fail on Microsoft part.

Bdub20003031d ago

The ps4 version looks slightly better... You could copy and paste this article for every game for the rest of the generation. The ps4s GPU is better, that can't be changed. You could copy and paste everyone's comments from each game as well:
X1 guys: they look the same!
PS4 guys: it's not even close!

So many comments, is anyone actually playing games anymore? People seem to spend more time commenting than enjoying...

afterMoth3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

No, not true. The xbox guys in the other thread said they can't tell the difference between other games on PS4 to Xbox One, despite resolution and framerate differences. There clearly isn't one.

Hellen Keler doesn't see any differences either.

Trust them!

Kribwalker3031d ago

Yep they are so different *facepalm*

You state you can see the difference right away when it isn't 1080p yet, Killzone shadowfall pulled the wool right over your impeccable sight when it was "glorious 1080p" but really an 960 interlaced x 1080 image.

Quit going over everything with a fine tooth comb and enjoy the game on whatever system you want to play on. Enough said

Bdub20003031d ago

I guess there's no point in trying to make a point unless it's positive for PS4. The comments section is just for Ps4 guys to stroke eachothers ego's. I like discussion, but this site is so one sided we can't even discuss how fun a game is across platforms.

There is no graphical difference between x1 and ps4. *sticks tongue like 12 year old girl*

morganfell3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

There is a serious difference between these two versions. Not as vast as some games but very, very evident. And no amount of contrast adjustment is going to change that. Darth's implication is that dialing in the contrast will change and improve direct feed image quality...but only on the X1 version. Hey developers, just put contrast controls in your menu and problems are all solved!

Oh look, I found the road that leads to his house.


DevilOgreFish3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I'd like to see what MODs people can make for this. If they can put RE characters in this, i would like to see that.

Tsar4ever013031d ago

I'm reading this off my puiny smartphone, not updated on the resolution differences on this game on consoles, Is the ps4 is in 1080p and the xb1 isn't? WTF! Why xb1 can't achieve 1080p on a CAPCOM game?

thereapersson3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )


Oh damn, you don't say? Hold on, I'm going to go adjust the contrast this old tube tv. Now I can finally enjoy 4k - and it was just that easy!

Funantic13031d ago

The X1 version does have slightly more vivid colors, while the PS4 has deeper blacks but dull and more bland colors. Both are too similar tho for anyone to brag.

fr0sty3031d ago

The sad part is this isn't even that good looking of a game.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3032d ago

It's quite clear that the PS4 version is more detailed than the Xbox One version. There is no denying our "lying eyes."

GiantEnemyCrab3031d ago

In the last scene with the lantern. The PS4 version the guy isn't holding anything it looks like. Or the animation doesn't show the lantern.

The blacks look more defined on the PS4 version.

christian hour3032d ago

This comment section should get pretty entertaining soon *grabs popcorn*

-the attach images thingy hasnt worked for me in an age, so I'll just leave this here --> http://persephonemagazine.c...

strangeaeon3031d ago

Stop with the "popcorn" comment, it was funny for a few minutes in 2007.

Deathdeliverer3031d ago

Say *grabs hot pocket* or *grabs milk & cookies*. Change it up a bit.

christian hour3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Gadzooks I've been had, you've all figured me out for the out of touch old man trying to use the cool kids phrases to fit in archetype that i truly am. I'll pack my stuff in to a box and leave quietly... *plays the sad hulk walking away music that is most likely outdated humor on internet forums*

P.S. Whats a hot pocket?

mark3214uk3031d ago

loads differant, the ps4 is way sharper and more details in the textures

x1 is blurry and washed out,similar to what it would be on the 360/ps3

Gamer19823031d ago

Remember last generation we had lens of truth and other similar websites about which showed how better 360 was every time there was a superior 3rd party game?? Now Sony are clearly the better bet by far (it was much closer last gen) lens of truth etc.. closed down as they were clear fanboy sites trying to push there biased views..

Glad there gone but its lead to IGN trying there hand at comparisons and embarrassing themselves with limiting comparisons to 720p etc.. At least digital Foundry is around but they only do a few titles.

turdburgler10803031d ago

I don't play with two tv's side by side running two separate copies of a game on two separate consoles so I couldn't care less. Games really fun by the way if you actually want to play it instead of looking at slight differences.

Christopher3031d ago

Normally, these games look pretty much the same on both except for some minor gamma stuff that is fixed with your own settings. But, I can see noticeably more sharpness and detail on the PS4 version of this game this time.

purpleblau3031d ago

It doesn't matter whether PS4 or Xbone, the graphics of this game is just so last gen. Japanese game studios really lack skills in terms of gaming graphics in general.

otherZinc3031d ago

I'm tired of Sony hiding behind ports of multiplats, what are the PS4 Exclusives doing?

Is Drive Club online yet?
Is Drive Club 1080p 60fps?
Is The Order 1886 Co-op?


Loktai3031d ago

Driveclub is online... so yes

1080p yes- thats the real question? At least more games hit 1080 on PS4.

Who the hell brought up the order or driveclub to begin with?

tontontam03031d ago

Of course you won't know the difference, because you only have an xbox one.

VegasDawg3031d ago

Stop talking to yourself.You do realize he will not get that message, right?

VegasDawg3031d ago

Oh boy, you can't tell the truth on this fanBOY site, your about to get flamed.

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2pacalypsenow3032d ago

Ps4 version looks less blurry

Gamer19823031d ago

Issue with side by side videos is we are getting a lot smaller preview meaning higher pixel density hiding a real comparison. These videos are pointless especially this one limited at 720p.. Surprised you saw any difference tbh..

Christopher3031d ago

If you can tell the differences on a higher pixel density preview, then that says even more when it's a normal pixel density preview.

MadLad3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Is there any discernible difference between the two? Absolutely anything at all?

This is N4G and I need something to talk about for the next two weeks? If it's not a difference in resolution and framerate . . . what is there? News?!



Well, I believe you know I was trying to make a point outside of the video itself. Let's pass over that though.
Having watched the video, reading the responses in turn, some seem to think there may be differences - of which could easily be just a difference in contrast - but they aren't sure. Without information pointing any potential differences out, it seems the average gamer really can't be sure of any actual differences themselves.
It kind of goes hand-in-hand with my original point.

MRMagoo1233032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Well if you watch the video and cant see a difference almost right away I would suggest medical help for your eyes, give it a go it wont bite, its only a video.

Yeh no one referenced anything besides the fact the PS4 version looks better, why dont you just admit it instead of side stepping it with BS, if you cant see that the xbone version looks like its in some kind of fog (which wouldnt be contrast would it) and the PS4 version looks much sharper then go see an eye doctor. My guess would be less res but it may be bad filters, but its completely undeniable that the PS4 version looks better.

MadLad3032d ago

"the PS4 version looks better, why dont you just admit it instead of side stepping it with BS"

I'm not. I made a seperate point that you, funnily enough, dodged. Twice.
I don't care what it look like on either. If I am to play, it's going to be on PC.

"you cant see that the xbone version looks like its in some kind of fog (which wouldnt be contrast would it)"

It very well could be, actually. But hey.

The point is, the video is crap. It's hard to tell what is what, but we are still going to have fanboys on either side reading into it as gospel, bickering all the while.
At the same time, we have others who aren't even sure if they see the difference, and questioning just what that difference may be if so.
But hey.

Mechanism3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )


Shadows are better, resolution looks better, sharper, detail on his face looks better.. and I can easily see this on a 'crappy video' let alone my 50".

Not an issue with regards to difference in contrast.

You guys are crazy i swear, ha.

GiantEnemyCrab3031d ago

The shadows are not better. They are both a jaggie bouncing mess on both. The difference is in the blacks. Plus the PS4 version seems to be missing or not showing the same part of the game. No lantern in the hand while on the Xbox One version there is.

christian hour3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Personally for me Video comparisons are the worst way to compare two versions of the same game when you factor in server side compression that is common place in video hosting sites, even when theres a HD option its still not the lossless raw image you're seeing, not to mention the users capture set up and which codecs they used when exporting the project, the filetype, lossless or use of compression, etc etc.

If you're really looking for the nitty gritty pixel perfect difference you need pure unadulterated screen captures in their original resolution and preferably in a lossless image format like TIFF.

All video is good for comparing is significatn drops in frame rate, and even then yr cpu might flip out and your video will drop in frame rate as well while you're watching it. Unless of course you've been blessed with/earned a boat load of cash to regularaly maintain and update your PC. In which case, I salute your dedication to your craft, carry on.

Now in relation to what was shown in the video, PS4 definitely has the edge. Of course. It should be no surprise at this stage. A game is hardly gonna look better on the less powerful machine, especially since they're both using x86 architecture, it's not like xbone is hard to code for like PS3 was and it's going to suddenly jump ahead of PS4 in terms of visuals.

It's kinda worrying for the xbone if you can tell the ps4 version is better even through a horribly compressed video comparison.

gangsta_red3031d ago

Yes Mr. Jesus, please talk about how the X1 version looks slightly blurry or doesn't have deeper blacks or something else so miniscule and tiny because most on here are reaching hard and trying to go over every detail with a fine comb.

These versions look the same. if I squint REAL hard I may see a slight difference. But a lot of you Sony guys are really digging in the bottom of the barrel trying to pull out anything.

CaptainObvious8783031d ago

Why are you getting so defensive and insecure?

You bought, or are intending to buy, the xbone knowing dam well it is the weaker console by a noticeable margin and yet you expect multiplats to look the same? You're surprised when the PS4 version performs better?

Since you're obviously so concerned with graphics, instead of downplaying the differences how about you get yourself a PS4.

If people like you just accept reality, they maybe the sony fans wouldn't shove the graphical differences in your face every time a new game gets released.

Spotie3031d ago

Yeah, I'd say it's pretty discernible.

Unless you have vision problems or are an Xbox fanboy.

Qrphe3031d ago

You're into PC gaymen yet can't tell any differences between two videos even if low-res?

I would agree that arguing over differences between versions of the same game is silly but denying any differences also is.

VegasDawg3031d ago

Don't you know this site is ruled by fanBOYS? Truth was murdered here a long time ago. EIther get with the sheep or be flamed. lol.

Very, very small difference not anything to talk about though.

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FlameHawk3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

The PS4 version seems clearer and sharper.

Godz Kastro3031d ago

Man that extra 50% horsepower is really showing here :/ Delusional fanboys...

Major_Glitch3031d ago

Man that extra 50% horsepower ISN'T really showing here :/ Delusional fanboys...

OT: yes, the difference IS noticeable. You're either blind or a blatant fanboy if you can't tell the difference.

Muzikguy3031d ago

It does! Now, what about the game? :)