Bioware’s approach to healing fundamentally changes Dragon Age: Inquisition

MWEB GameZone writes: " Taking healing away in Inquisition reduces certain key choices while forcing others. It fundamentally changes how we will play the game.

It takes away the freedom that is central to a role-playing game – how the player creates and develops their character. How they choose to approach combat and party selection. It also has an influence on game progression because of the focus on crafting gear and forcing the player to make more use of the “return to camp” feature. Players will also have to think twice about their preferred difficulty level."

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lord zaid1887d ago

Worrying about this seems premature. I'll wait for a review before deciding if this is a big deal.

HanCilliers1887d ago

I take it you've not played any Dragon Age games then :p?

lord zaid1887d ago

I played the first one, which I enjoyed. Just never got around to the second.

This new system is certainly different, but I feel like I need more info before i decide it bad. You Dig?

plut0nash1887d ago

It makes the game harder, but I welcome that.

HanCilliers1887d ago

I also enjoy harder games, as long as it doesn't require a massive effort to figure out how to play the game

CongoKyle1887d ago

In Dragon Age: Origins I accidentally killed Wynne so I had no healer throughout the game. I can assure you it's really hard.

SonZeRo1887d ago

I'm going with Zaid on this one. Will see how it is once the game is out, maybe it will force more active control over characters instead of just letting them autoplay themsleves in combat.

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The story is too old to be commented.