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The Evil Within borrows much of its inspiration from the Resident Evil series, but does the game stack up to such a notable piece of gaming history or is it a cheap imitation?

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Chupa-Chupa1888d ago

no way. This game is not a 6. I'm eight about done with it and It's at least a solid 8. But I'm giving it a 9.325

vishmarx1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

look were different , click us to find out why

because survival horror disappeared before most of these sites were born.
anything that makes them uneasy and does not allow mindless murder and online multiplayer is to them,a bad game by default

mikeslemonade1887d ago

Wow this game is getting poor reviews. It's getting 8s and lower. Dammit it's supposed to be better than Shadows of the Generic. Game of the Year is going to be given to a lame game and I'm gonna throw a hissy fit. This is suppose to be game of the year god dammit!

2pacalypsenow1888d ago

why are good games getting bad reviews recently Alien isolation 5.9 The evil within 6??

Bennibop1887d ago

Reviews are all over the place, Alien, The Evil Within, Destiny and DriveClub have all got some ridiculous low scores which they do not deserve. Gaming journalism needs to get a grip!

TheRealTedCruz1887d ago

People's opinions need to change, you mean . . .

Agent20091887d ago

Gaming journalism doesn't need to get a grip as much as you, dear idiots, ought to learn about subjectivism.

I noticed something worrying in the industry: if a game scores high - then that's okay (unless it's Call of Duty, of course - we hate Call of Duty!). If a game scores low - that's unfair!

Bennibop1887d ago

No I don't mean peoples opinions need to change, I have been gaming 30 years and have never seen such inconsistent reviews. I suppose anyone can set up a site these days and that is half the problem.

@Agent2009 Its my opinion of the state of gaming journalism you do not need to be defensive!

TheRealTedCruz1887d ago

Well, what you're describing here is, essentially, a hivemind of gaming. Where everyone shares more or less the same view.
Really, that renders the different sites, their different writers with different opinions, unneeded and pointless.

Bennibop1887d ago


No I am not describing a hive mind in reviewing. Even if you did not like a game you should be able to appretiate its production values even if its not to your personal taste. I hate Gears of War but I would not give it a 6/ 60% its a well made game that just doesn't fulfil my particular gaming appetite. Its called being subjective you review a game on its merits and what it does do rather than what its does not do!

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endzeitkind1887d ago

mostly paid reviews these days otherwise i recommend that you have to know the reviewer, what kind of gamer is he, whats his played games back in the 90th and so on. you have to review the reviewer for yourself... and then read his review.

TheRealTedCruz1887d ago

While not trying to be combative, please provide provable reasoning as to prove that many reviews are indeed paid for.
As someone in the industry, at least to my modest extent, I don't appreciate hearing such things.

Meltic1888d ago

Guys dont mind shacknews. Those are pricks. Every other Review is good. Im getting this today !!!

plmkoh1888d ago

It's not a great game, it's stuck with many unpolished mechanics. Full of tension, but never horror inducing. However at the very least it's playable unlike that disappointing Alien Isolation.

gillri1888d ago

Im playing Alien and absolutely loving it

plmkoh1887d ago

Yes lot's of people will enjoy Alien because the concept is very strong.

beerzombie1887d ago

If you were on a space station that has gone to shit looking for your mom and had people shooting at you and freaking Alien hunting everyone you would hide too.