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"Falls in a lackluster middle ground and never quite terrifies"

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nowitzki20041886d ago

I dont care if the game is not great. Good to see the horror genre trying to make a comeback. Resident Evil was my favorite franchise until RE5, then RE5 destroyed what Resident Evil games stood for.

Matt6661886d ago

Don't forget that RE 4 started the whole action BS off and from the reviews I read this games does sound like RE4 quite a bit and that's disappointing

Baccra171886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

RE4 ruined everything. Amazing how people overlook that and go on to blame 5.

Also glad I rented this, if it is like RE4 I'm only out 2 bucks.

nowitzki20041886d ago

RE4 was different but was still a good game unlike RE5.

PaleMoonDeath1886d ago

Read a few reviews now, it's difficult, punishing, very few supplies to survive, and it amplifies the enemies which are very creative and very fresh, and adding a new spin on the horror cliche's, bit of a boring main character and lack lackluster ending, verdict? worth the cash.

Picking this up on Friday, think of it as the proper sequel to Resi Evil 4.

gantarat1886d ago

Hardcore Gamer say Sebastian look more like Rambo than Detective

PaleMoonDeath1886d ago

I'd prefer Ash from the Evil Dead, he has the dark humour, the hair cut, and the look.

Getting this, the good reviews out perform the bad ones, just like Alien Isolation.