Super Mario 64 Remade in Virtual Reality

Remember how great it felt to play 3D games for the first time, taking that leap from Super Mario World in 2D to Super Mario 64. Here's trying to re-create that feel with the same classic into VR.

This is how it feels like being in control of the legendary plumber in both first person with the Oculus Rift and also with full hand control using both the Razer Hydra and Leap Motion.

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Amorist891887d ago

Oh my lord, Nostalga will become another realm lol, that looks sweet!

ChickeyCantor1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I get it, it's a different experience. But why the hell would you downgrade a game that heavily depends on its platforming mechanics? I'm not trying to disregard the work that has gone into this, but yeah it seems so pointless to the actual platforming experience.

I rather just play the original in 3D from a Third person perspective. Can't wait actually to play a lot of n64 games like that. Emulation sounds great again. ( Majoras mask unnnnngh )