Nintendo’s unified accounts are coming

Nintendo fans have always longed for a unified account system. Currently, all your online Nintendo game purchases are tied to your console, meaning that changing consoles is a hassle if you purchase games online frequently. In addition, there is no way to browse or purchase titles without using the WiiU or 3DS eShop. However, this may finally be about to change.

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AKR1885d ago

This sounds pretty good. The Nintendo Network isn't as illustrious as PSN or XBL, but little-by-little it's getting there.

qwerty6761885d ago

its still so far back its not even funny anymore

nintendo needs to get with the times.

they have a horrible online infrastructure in place to deliver anything satisfactory.

stragomccloud1885d ago

I play online a lot on the Wii U, and I don't know what people complain about. Yeah there's no cross game chat, but that's not really a deal breaker for me. Most of the time I use teamspeak on my PC for this kind of thing.

Gemmol1885d ago

@stragomccloud do not listen to the guy above, anyone who still complain about nintendo internet still live in a cave, and I say this in the nicest way. I even did a test myself and bought the same game for each console and the Wii U run the best online, nice, smooth, and no lag, but everytime I say that someone says because no one is online. In other words, just a lose lose situation, as long as you having fun on the internet thats all that matter.

R00bot1884d ago

Yes, let's turn a positive article about Nintendo's improvement of their services into a negative point about their online services. Great idea!

randomass1711884d ago

I wonder where exactly we draw the line as to what counts as a good or bad online infrastructure. Wii U accounts are transferable as far as I know as long as you have your NNID email and a phone to call Nintendo with. Online games work just fine. Played a lot of Mario Kart and Sonic All-Stars Racing online and there were pretty much no hiccups at all. No voice chat is pretty lame but thankfully I mostly just use Skype anyway. It's archaic compared to PSN and XBL but I don't agree that it's terrible and behind enough to anger anyone.

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Neonridr1884d ago

Rome wasn't built in a day, as the old saying goes..

PSN and Xbox Live have had a few years head start over the Nintendo Network. But it's coming around.

randomass1711884d ago

I think it's that Nintendo dabbled in online with the Wii and just didn't take advantage of what they learned when they launched Wii U. Pretty much every complaint I've seen for Wii U stems from its launch and they keep improving things about it which is better than leaving it in the state it used to be in.

N4g_null1884d ago

What would be even better! Unity3d support for the new 3ds! It would be cool if they offered lending also for short periods of time. Many games don't have demos. That would fix that.

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DualWielding1885d ago

Opening a wwb browser store does not mean Nintendo will drop its anti consumer DRM. I hope they do but doubt they will

Concertoine1884d ago

This isnt DRM dude.
When my 3ds broke i called them and got all of my purchases converted to my new 3ds at no extra charge.
They've just built their infrastructure without considering this, and are now trying to work it out hopefully.

DualWielding1884d ago

it is a problem for those of us in countries where Nintendo has no offices we can call..... I do hope they are working it out so it would work like Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Google, Apple and everybody else.... but not holding my breath

Concertoine1884d ago

It is definitely an issue, but DRM is not the word youre looking for. More like "crappy design choice" lol.

truechainz1884d ago

You know they already announced they are doing that right?

Sly-Lupin1884d ago

Nintendo has never demonstrated any inclination toward an account system.

So you'll parson me if I don't find some random neogaf user to be a credible source.

AKR1884d ago

He provided screenshots and even a link to accompany it. It was up for a few hours, but it was probably done for testing purposes - as it is now offline.

Sly-Lupin1884d ago

...Exactly. The link doesn't work and the images could easily be fake. There is zero actual evidence for this.

randomass1711884d ago

I will laugh if your cynicism turns out to be completely false. Honest leaks happen a lot and Nintendo has said in the past they wanted to let people buy eShop games using web browsers and smart phones. It's not too far out there to say they finally got around to it lol.

browngamer411884d ago

I can confirm the link isn't "fake"-I redeemed a club Nintendo code through it yesterday and it worked perfectly(downloaded to my U from my pc)must be nice to make random assumptions while doing zero research..

truechainz1884d ago

There was a couple articles like a year ago where Iwata said they were working towards unified accounts. Why is everyone just forgetting about this?

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kwandar1884d ago

I'm hoping this means I can finally purchase a second machine for my basement, without having to repurchase all of our games again.

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