Alien: Isolation - Graphical Enhancements Unveiled - Improve Planar Reflections, LOD & Shadows

By using AngelGraves13's tweaks, you can enable higher quality shadows, enhance the game's planar reflections and improve the game's aggressive LOD system.

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mixelon1886d ago

I like some of these but the planar reflections thing is just silly when ramped up to full. A crappy disused but lived in station like the Savastopol (or the nostromo) doesn't have floors that look like they're constantly polished to a mirror sheen. If we're talking about recreating the look of Alien, it definitely shouldn't be all shiny and slick looking. That was a key choice of the set design - making it grungy and realistic to.counter the sterile look of space as presented in most other stuff before it. (Like 2001)

Down with too reflective.

Pandamobile1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Agreed. The blurry, diffuse reflection looks way better in a game like Alien: Isolation.

windblowsagain1886d ago

The mechanical cleaning machine's would be keeping it polished.

Also the Alien could be helping with it's tail on the ground picking up loose dirt.

But I do agree with the diffuse look.

Excellent game either way.

Volkama1886d ago

Hmm I gotta get me one of these cleaning Aliens to help out round the house.

SoCalledMe1886d ago

Well I dont like mirror flors at all , but higher shadow res looks a lot better