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Is The Evil Within a worthy successor to Resident Evil 4? Yes, without a doubt.

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jmoney23031888d ago

Getting this tomorrow. Very excited. Hope everyone enjoys it.

vishmarx1888d ago

played the first 3 chapters and so far its surpassed re4 for me


10 mins in and the protagonist is already hurt and limping(won't spoil how it happened).....think I'm really gonna love this game!

WeAreLegion1888d ago

I can't wait to get it!!!

IWentBrokeForGaming1888d ago

What technical issues are people experiencing with this title? I hope they aren't annoying enough to detract from the experience... Survival Horror is my fav. genre

Pozzle1888d ago

I've seen a few people mention frame-rate drops. But that's about it.

-Foxtrot1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

The game is amazing, just got it today, the only bad thing about it is the bland voice acting and no sense of realism to the characters emotions about their surroundings....they are basically in a huge messed up world unlike anything they've ever seen and the guy is far too calm.

If it had Last of Us styled acting the game would of been perfect to me. There is always time to improve though with the sequel or spiritual successor.

It's like RE4 at times, just a shame Leon is a more, well developed character with better reactions.

TheRealTedCruz1888d ago

Happy to see I was underestimating this one. From the earlier videos, I felt the game looked good . . . though a bit janky.
The game's doing well critically though, so that's that.

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