Sunset Overdrive videos: 15 minutes of gameplay footage

Single and multiplayer gameplay captured ahead of October release

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aceitman1887d ago

im really not feeling this game at all. something is lost In the gameplay I just cant get my finger on it.

nicksetzer11887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Aceitman not impressed by an xbox exclusive, that's a surprise. /s

OT: This game is insane, reminds me a lot of ratchet and clank meets JSR and that is a good thing to me. I just hope they have meaningful missions and that campaign isn't just kill wash repeat. As ling as the SP is rewarding and in depth (as insomniac games usually are) I cannot wait.

Considering all the positive previews and press from people who actually played the game I have no doubt this game will deliver.

radler1887d ago

Yeah, the game looks awesome and creative. It's nice to see something new and an open-world game place a focus on both mobility and movement systems, as well as some genuinely creative and interesting weapons in comparison to every other game out there. I love how colorful it is as well, really goes to show just how important good art design is in games.

I don't have an Xbox One though, so I'm really hoping that Insomniac ports this to PC sometime in the future perhaps (seems 50/50 considering DR3/Ryse/Titanfall made the jump) because I would love to play this game.

MRMagoo1231887d ago

I think its the bouncing around like everything is made out of trampolines perhaps, I can imagine it would get old fast.The animations when they are just moving around seems like they are on roller-blades as well.

aceitman1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

bingo-mrmagoo123 @ nicksetzer1 I don't care if it was multiplatform or just ps4 or 3 it does not appeal to me at all mrmagoo123 hit it write on the spot. its just not there gameplay wise looks like it will get old fast and frustrating. I felt the same way about fuse it wasn't appealing to me. and from the prorder charts im not alone. and @ nickster how about leaving out the exclusive crap out I don't like it its my opinion and I put it in the reply that's what its for. I said nothing like a fanboy I said nothing about it being on x1 , so it looks like ur the fanboy with ur remark. game on man. and the ony thing that's like ratchet and clank is the sliding part and the monsters remind me of resistance. that bouncing thing and sliding back and fourth is not looking like fun. even the camera seems to fall behind on following the character.

nicksetzer11887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

@aceitman I hear you, clearly not every person will love this game, I was just joking about the fact that literally EVERY xbox exclusive so far you have been the first person to comment and always display disinterest. If you aren't interested why click? So far you have "not been feeling" (and commented about such) for ryse, dr3, forza horizon2, forza 5, and titanfall. (And have praised certain other games) I was just sarcastically pointing that out.

aceitman1887d ago

@nicksezer, omg really I'm the 1st to comment in all x1 exclusive, get a life and nice try on trying to make me look like I'm trolling. I don't like the game get over it and stop the fanboy bs.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

I agree! i'm not feeling it either, and i like insomniac games.

badboyz091887d ago

This game releases in 2weeks where is the Hype???

Don't Disagree just being honest.

TheEnigma3131887d ago

There isn't much hype for this game. The pre orders reflect this. I hope it does well though.

Toiletsteak1887d ago

There is hype for this game but not to much which is good cause look at what has happened to all the games that have been hyped this gen.

True_Samurai1887d ago

Not everything needs too be hyped too death BUT I have seen a bunch of advertising for this game

ABizzel11886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )


They reviewed well or averagely (7 - 8.5), but sold very well.

Titanfall: 3.5m sold
Watch Dogs: 6.6m sold
Destiny: 6.5m sold

I don't think any of them are complaining in regards to sales, which is really the end of for most of these studios/developers/publishers.

SO isn't getting any hype right now, and it doesn't look like it's going to be a big seller. I was interested in the game, I have a XBO, and I enjoyed Ratchet and Resistance, but something seems off about this game to me too.

It seems kind of like Ratchet which I should like, but it also seems like Gotham City Imposters with all the bouncing around and goofiness (which I though was a decent game, but only gave it time because it was free on PS+). It's a rental right now for me, and I'll see form there, and hopefully I'm wrong and will enjoy it, but I don't see it being a big seller for the XBO, it just doesn't seem like an Xbox type of game.

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MrSwankSinatra1887d ago

I have to agree. The gameplay looks really monotonous imo. Though I do love the artstyle.

Visiblemarc1887d ago

I totally agree. I love the art style/vibe, the humour seems fun and light hearted but whenever I see actual gameplay, part of my excitement gets put on hold. VERY curious to see reviews on this one. Crossing my fingers that it lives up to it's potential.

ZombieKiller1887d ago

If this game was on PS4 I would pick it up. It looks fun and I love the attitude. That live action commercial was dumb but all the gameplay Ive seen, ESPECIALLY the idea of the locomotion movement, is just awesome.

I would have a ton of fun with this game....just like Dead Rising 3......BUT just like DR3, I'm not buying an xbox one for it

HaMM4R1887d ago

I was really really exited about getting it right up until the moment I played it at eurogamer. None of the stuff is that great. It plays just like a normal FPS and the sliding and shit seems like more of a gimmick than an actual gameplay feature. The gunplay is OK but is really nothing special.

Morpheuzpr1887d ago

IMO it's borderline on being an on rails shooter. I mean clearly you do not have to aim, just look in the general direction of the enemy and squeeze the trigger.

HaMM4R1886d ago

Funny that from what I saw people spent very little time on the rails :P it was really hard to aim when on them and actually transfering from one to another was also not very intuitive. Not really sure what the disagrees are, its not a bad game just not half as good as people were hyping it to be.

jnemesh1887d ago

I feel the same way. The art style is interesting, the colors are bright, and the explosions are huge...but it looks like you would get bored with this game after 30 minutes. I expect that it will sell a lot to owners of the Xbox One...but then end up in a bargain bin within 6 months. I expect very mediocre reviews when this comes out...based on what I am seeing.

ramiuk11887d ago

i dot either,i want to but i just cant see what the hype is about.
not sure if its the fact there is so much grinding(rails)or something else but i cant put my finger on it either

oldassgamer1886d ago

aceitman -- I'm with you. I'm watching the video, and the whole time I'm thinking... Something is missing from this game. I hope they release some better game play video in the future. I was looking forward to this game.

guyman1886d ago

Sunset overdrive - looks amazing, considering the overwhelmingly positive previews and exhilarating gameplay, this is going to be a blast.

3-4-51886d ago

I like the idea of this game and it's a great base to build off of but something about the gameplay, seems like it would bore me after like 20-30 minutes.

I love the art style and what it's trying to do, but it doesn't seem as fun as I was hoping it was going to be.....not that I've played it yet.

I'll probably most likely get it at a reduced price some time next year.

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aviator1891887d ago

that mp gameplay looks just crazy.

mhunterjr1887d ago

I'm afraid the mission variety will get repetitive, but man is that chaos beautiful. If they can surprise me with varied content, this game will be a winner in my book.

ThinkThink1887d ago

I hope it doesn't turn out to be another second son. I feel like the multiplayer will need to be spot on to hold peoples interest.

mhunterjr1887d ago

I think the multiplayer alone will keep it from Second Son territory. I just hope all the co-op missions aren't go to this alley and kill x amount of enemies. I hope they encourage some teamwork along with the mayhem.

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Fishy Fingers1887d ago

Really looking forward to some good ol' co-op fun with my mates.

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