Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 37: PS4 and Xbox One parity and 900p don't matter

What's up, gamers? RDGH returns this week to shun discrimination against gaming consoles for the colors of their branding. There's lots to talk about, and host Glenn Gordon joins Dane Smith and Garri Bagdasarov with a packed and very interesting episode.

Resolution is a star this week. A tweet from a regular listener sparks conversation about the console parity situation with Assassin's Creed Unity and almost with Dragon Age: Inquisition. The strength of PSN comes into consideration as well. Is PlayStation Plus a worthwhile investment for gamers? What would gamers be willing to sacrifice (hypothetically, of course) for a stronger PSN?

Xbox has had an interesting week as well. It's the first eighth-generation console to get a native Plex app, the Sunset Overdrive bundle got a short-lived price drop on Amazon UK, and Microsoft may finally be ready to "rethink" the controversial [email protected] parity clause. The crew takes a look at the parity clause and the effect it has had on Xbox and PlayStation so far.

Then, of course, there's DRIVECLUB. It's a great racing game but it has stirred a lot of unnecessary controversy in recent weeks, and with it having one of the worst launches in recent PlayStation history, it has little to defend itself with. We think DRIVECLUB is worth a gamer's chance.

All of this and more comprises a great episode of RDGH. Remember to follow us on Twitter @TheRDGH, and give us your tweets and topics to read and discuss on the air. Enjoy the podcast, and don't be a racist.

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afterMoth1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Of course parity doesn't matter. People didn't spend $400 on a new console expecting developers to take advantage of the better specs. Nope, they bought them hoping developers would gimp the graphics to the significantly lower powered $500 system.

bintarok1887d ago

180p difference is huge, nay?

MRMagoo1231887d ago

Yes its around 600,000 more pixels but that is still completely missing the whole god damn point it's the fact they gimped it not the fact it's not 1080p. If you don't get that don't comment about it.

CYCLEGAMER1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

When talking 900p upscaled to 1080p vs. 1080p it doesn't matter. In fact I guarantee if, they didn't mention a difference, you wouldn't realize there was one. So in essence, you are complaining over nothing.

If you guys are really serious about there not being any parity (which I am) then why don't you cry no parity when the PC gets console ports....or the fact that developers won't use MS FREE dedicated servers due to parity?? Parity is parity, but u guys only seem to want to take a stand when you feel like Sony is being wronged. This only tells me that a lot of you don't really care about gaming as a whole. You only care about Sony and the ps4 being and remaining on top.

LamerTamer1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Point missed.

If the PS4 has a bit more power to run a game that is 900p on the X1 at 1080p then why not do it? It isn't like it is a big deal to do. Resolution is effected allot by the GPU and RAM and the PS4 has these things better suited for the bump in resolution. I don't care "who is on top" I care about having to look at an aliased blurry image for no good reason other than political correct BS.

Console owners don't cry about PC parity anymore than PC gamers cry about parity between PS4 and X1 consoles. They are concerned about the device they game on obviously. That said, I don't game on PC but think parity of PCs to consoles is wrong too. No hardware should be held back due to weaker lowest common denominator. I EXPECT a decent PC to blow away the PS4, X1, etc.

And BTW I CAN tell the difference between 900p and 1080p pretty easily. It is easy to see the pixellation, upscale filter blur, and increased aliasing (dem power lines, ugh). 900p stretched to fit a 1080p TV and native are not the same at all.

afterMoth1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Ah Melman is one of those who believes upscaled DVD looks identical to Blu-Ray. Perhaps it does to him, can't fault him for whatever genetics he inherited from his grandmother Helen Keller.

starchild1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

First of all, it's only the resolution that is the same as far as we know. You guys are jumping to huge conclusions when you act like the two console versions of AC Unity are the same overall.

So quit acting like it is a fact that the PS4 version has been gimped to the "lower powered" system's level. I predict that it hasn't been. The PS4 version will have advantages, just not resolution in this case, which is no different than games like Destiny and Alien Isolation.

Second of all, even if they made both versions identical it's not the end of the world. Gamers on other platforms have always dealt with that fact. On PC, for example, we don't always get games that take full advantage of the power of our rigs. And in the Xbox and PS2 generation the Xbox was severely held back by the PS2. The Xbox was capable of games that looked like Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay, but instead it often got stuck with multiplatform games that looked basically like PS2 games.

user74029311887d ago

if parity does not matter why not cater to wii u versions of games and lock them at the same settings as ps4 and xbox one games?

the truth is xbox one fans are pissed karma is biting them in the ass after ps3/360 MINIMAL differances, now there BIG.

TotallyNotGlenn1887d ago

Because Wii U is not as powerful as the Xbox One or PS4 and so while it can handle high resolution, it can't handle all the other parts of graphical fidelity that make graphics so sparkly on the other consoles.

LamerTamer1887d ago

And the X1 is not quite as powerful as the PS4. The xbone has a harder time hitting 1080p than the PS4 does without having to dial back other things like shadow detail, AO etc.

That was the point he was making, if you are going to hold back the PS4 because of the xbone, why stop there? Why not go all of the way down to parity with the Wii U? It was an exaggeration to point out how dumb it is to hold back the PS4 for the Xbone.

TheRealTedCruz1887d ago

Good use of your own bubble there, sport.

redraider20111887d ago

I don't care about 900p if that's all [insert system here] can handle. I only care about it if it can handle more, but is purposely held back "to avoid debates and stuff." Just do the best the system can handle while having smooth gameplay and I'm fine with it. It is disappointing that both the PS4 and Xbone can barely do, if at all, 1080p/60 fps though. That should have been the standard when designing these systems.

TotallyNotGlenn1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Keep in mind that the capabilities of both consoles are expected to expand as the generation wears on.

Do you mind if I quote your first two sentences here in the next episode?

redraider20111887d ago

No, I don't mind if you use them. I'm not too sure there is much more to these consoles though. Both are based on basic PC architecture with x86 processors unlike the PS3 with the hated Cell and the 360 with a PowerPC processor. Maybe Sony and Microsoft will drop the multitasking and game-sharing stuff and dedicate these CPU's to gaming only which might move the needle, or something like Metal that Apple came out with which would lower the overhead required to run these games, but other than that I think they're pretty much maxed out. You never know though.

TotallyNotGlenn1887d ago


Last bubble here, but I disagree. Both consoles spoke of increased capabilities later in the generation, an intentional learning curve for developers that they would be able to take advantage of. I don't think they made that up. I'm not going to say they'll turn into ridiculous supercomputers or anything, but it makes sense that both companies would plan for a decade-long generation and make their consoles more accessible for developers as time goes on.

For example, look at early PS3 to games like Uncharted 3 and TLOU near the end. Those are on that hated Cell processor.

LamerTamer1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

The problem is cost. If they were made more powerful then people would moan about how expensive they are. So they are made more affordable, which means weaker hardware, and we moan about how weak they are. It is a no-win situation.

You can't have high end PC performance at $400.00 without the companies taking huge hits on the hardware. Sony doesn't have the money to do that and MS probably didn't want to spend the money on that for the Xbox division.

Me personally I would spend $600.00 on a new console to have decent power but I am in the minority.

Remy_S1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

It matters to me, Ubisoft and any other publisher that purposefully holds back their game can go f*ck itself.

AgentSmithPS41887d ago

Yeah. Maybe we should force parity on Ubisoft, they can't release a game unless it's up to the standards of better games.

AgentSmithPS41887d ago

"PS4 and Xbox One parity and 900p don't matter"

So we're just console commoners that should be glad for what we're given, where individual advancement isn't allowed by those with power? Lord Ubisoft has decreed parity to prevent squabbles amoung the low born ruffian fools!

To them I say "Let them eat C***!" I don't know how you youngsters do that hashtag thing but #LetThemEatC*** - no parity for unity might be entertaining.

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