PSN Down: Things You Can Do While Waiting

We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are just like you. We want our consoles online all the time and we get annoyed when it’s not. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do while PSN is down, and it should make the wait a lot easier.

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Hellsvacancy1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

It's not down buddy, the article is trying to be funny

Off topic but your avatar is disgusting, and coming from me that's saying something

FullmetalRoyale1882d ago

That is pretty harsh...

I only say that because I feel just a tad guilty for clicking agree on your post. ;)

Xb1ps41882d ago

We'll music unl. Is definitely down, I was very disappointed when I tried to play it and just kept getting a "can't connect" then I go to the ps store and tada! It's "under maintenance..."

Sure it's not a huge deal but damn talk about killing a moment! Made me wish I didn't pay for that and got the music on my xb1.. C'mon Sony get your online shit together this "back end" stuff has to calm down or at least make them a little more bearable with some front end stuff..

Ripsta7th1882d ago

Why did u get a random guy of google to use as ur avatar? Lol

Gaming247allday1882d ago

Yea we are only paying $50 a year for PSN, why should we expect it to always be up and running right?

MRMagoo1231882d ago

you arent paying anything for PSN you dont even have a ps4.

trywizardo1882d ago

i think sony didn't improve the PSN one bit , all these issues and getting down (i know that this time is fake not really broke) and they're taking money for it now -_-

StormLegend1882d ago

But it's not down! everything is working and TBH everything feels faster now!

zero_gamer1882d ago

Enjoy a single player game of choice, or a local multiplayer match.

zero_gamer1882d ago

Because gaming =/= living life? What do you call posting on

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The story is too old to be commented.