Why Sleeping Dogs Was PS3′s Best Open World Game

"With Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition bringing the game to PlayStation 4 this week, the game will have a second chance that many didn’t think it would have (PC-only spin-offs notwithstanding). A second life on shelves also means another opportunity to extoll the game’s virtues, so that’s what we’re doing here and now with three reasons why it was the best open world game of the last generation."

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Paprika2484d ago

It was a great game, was a pleasure to play through China, a setting only bettered by deus ex's near future china. But best on ps3? No, not even top 5. Top 10, easily!

All these points are valid, but only in why its a great game. It isn't the best though.

DarkOcelet2483d ago

If they made it deep like GTA in terms of simulation , it will be awesome and i thought it was excellent and the story was surprisingly good . If they ever make a second installment i wish to see a huge variety in the missions and i would love to on the skies of Hong Kong .

bouzebbal2483d ago

to me RDR is the game that entertained me the most in the "open world" genre, followed by inFamous 2.

mikeslemonade2483d ago

GTA5 is the best open world game on the PS3. End of Discussion and move on.

hay2483d ago

One could squeeze it into top 5 if GTA will be treated as franchise in many tops lists, and one mention will cover both iterations. Shove some Infamous and Fallout add Skyrim or Red Dead for a spice, and Sleeping Dogs can be 5th.

Hellsvacancy2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I didn't ever finish it, I liked it, most of it, I just didn't like the driving aspects of it, it's far too arcadey, GTAV suffers for the same reason

Probably on my own but oh well

The best open world game last gen was either Red Dead Redemption of Fallout 3, Sleeping Dogs is waaaaaaaaaaaay down the list

ab5olut10n2483d ago

or "Why Crack is the Best Drug Ever", apparently.

d_g2483d ago

It was a good game but not the Best Open World Game

there is Red Dead Redemption,gta....

AudioEppa2483d ago

Yes it was the best, others will see different but that's ok because we all have our own opinions on these subjects, yet, people are still going to find a reason to bitch about why you didn't pick the game they think is best lol

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The story is too old to be commented.