Xbox One outsold PS4 last month, according to analyst estimate

Microsoft gave away a free game last month around the time of Destiny's launch, and it seems like that strategy paid off.

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ColManischewitz1885d ago

People like free games with new consoles.

mikeslemonade1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Nope. They're not beating the Destiny bundle. I trust Amazon bestsellers coupled with vgchartz. X1 did not beat the PS4 in the U.S. this month.

lol at the disagrees:

In the 4 weeks according to VGchartz. In the US the PS4 beat X1 15k, 80k, 20k, and 30k. So that story VGchartz is telling me that the PS4 did not lose to the X1. It's not even close. I don't care how innaccurate you say VGC but they're not wrong enough to completely be off by 40%.

While on Amazon, the biggest online retailer the PS4 is constantly in the top 10 while the X1 is floating around in the 20s-40s. Do the research yourself. Stop going by your own biased stand point.

uptownsoul1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I kinda doubt Pachter…Plus Amazon(USA) had the exact same deal spanning from Sept 7th through 13th (for both $400 Madden XB1 bundle with additional free game AND $400 Forza bundle with additional free game) …and no Xbox One console(basic or bundle) got within 15 spots of either the basic or Destiny bundled PS4 on the Amazon(USA) best seller's list…And the Destiny bundled PS4 AND the basic PS4 BOTH stayed in the top 15 of the Amazon's(USA) best seller list for the entire month of September

xHeavYx1885d ago

The Xbox One wasn't able to outsell the PS4 even when Titanfall was free, now they are trying to tell me that the One beat the PS4 even with the Destiny deal? Yeah, right.

FITgamer1885d ago

Lol just the fact alone that he thinks only 250k PS4's were sold in September should enough evidence for logical thinking people to know this prediction is completely wrong.

donthate1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I kind of predicted this would happen this Holiday, but didn't think it would happen this soon.

This is obviously not confirmed, but the trend has been saying so. In a span of 4-months, MS went from reducing the monthly sales gap to a quarter, and increased their sale by over 100% month over month. The sales gap is was a paltry 30k between PS4 and Xbox One during Last of Us Remake release!

Numbers below from NPD (US numbers obvioulsy):

Month Xbox One PS4
5 77 197 120
6 197 269 72
7 131 187 56
8 160 190 30

Of course we do have to wait for the official numbers, but it would be huge if MS even just matched Sony in the month Destiny launched, because I don't see any other game is going to be bigger in the next 4-6 months on the PS4.

Pogmathoin1885d ago

Pachter is only right when he speaks good of Sony.....

54LK1885d ago

Amazon stopped carrying the madden bundle that week. Any smart buyer would have went elsewhere to purchase a xbox. Amazon bestsellers are not indicative of the market.

DonMingos1885d ago

There is only one thing that we all can agree is usually more wrong than vgchartz. And that is obviously Patcher.
He predicted the same for August numbers

Kayant1885d ago


You do know that gap is still increasing albeit slower and not reducing right? There is a 700k gap there already the only way to reduce it is for the XB1 to constantly outsell PS4 for several months(Like 18+).

thorstein1885d ago

Yeah. I am pretty sure it has to outsell the WIi U before we can talk X1 v PS4 yet.

1885d ago
FarEastOrient1885d ago

Venturebeat is saying one country, the rest of the world doesn't count.

uptownsoul1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

"Amazon stopped carrying the madden bundle that week." What?!?…Madden bundle has been consistently available from late-Aug through this very day:

Eonjay1885d ago

This will be a great reference article after NPDs... It would be foolish to put your stock in one of Patcher's predictions... just saying.

CuddlyREDRUM1885d ago

Speaking of biased points...

Docknoss1885d ago

It has begun, the tide is changing.

54LK1885d ago

@uptownsoul Go look at your link. In order to have received a free game it need to shipped and sold by amazon. They don't even sell it now. *facepalm

uptownsoul1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

And both the Madden Xbox One bundle AND the Forza Xbox One bundle were available on Amazon(USA) for the whole month of September (including the timeframe of the free game promotion which was Sept 7th - Sept 13) And here is the correct link:

So tell me, Amazon promoted this but only had the basic consoles in stock(thus giving physical retailers a competitive sales advantage)? Or are you saying that Amazon wasn't prepared for this particular sale? I mean when has Amazon not been on their game? Never …No, it seems far more likely that they were fully stocked with all qualifying consoles/bundles at the time of that promotion that Amazon themselves advertised.

But did you have any actual proof that Amazon did not have the Madden bundles available from Sept 7 - Sept 14?

morganfell1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Amazon Monthly Bestseller list for September totals have the White PS4 Destiny Bundle at #6 and the standard PS4 at #11. That is for the entire month of September. The Xbox1 was at #28, again the average for the month. Not even close. Amazon isn't the end all be all of sales but it has proven to be a very good indicator.

Add to this the X1 was running at number 10 at Best Buy while the PS4 was clocking between spots 1 and 4. And that was 2 different PS4s. Even now the X1 has only managed to move up to 6.

Venture Beat deaserves a beatdown for this type of nonsense article when NPD is released.

pandaboy1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

"I don't care how innaccurate you say VGC but they're not wrong enough to completely be off by 40%"

Before they adjusted their april numbers for this year the xbox1 numbers had a 100% margin of error. They had them as double the actual number sold when NPD numbers were released. Moral of the story - never trust VGChartz regardless.

However, looking at the sales trends across top retailers last month I do believe the ps4 is coming out on top, maybe even comfortably ahead.

5eriously1885d ago


Pacher is only right when he's asleep whilst dreaming up new BS and when he doesn't open his mouth to spin garbage.

54LK1885d ago

@uptownsoul You sent a link to justify they did sell the bundle when cleary they don't. As for proof specific to those dates, can't say that i have any, only the attempt made by me to acquire one with destiny the entire week. however the week prior to that deal, amazon ran a $35 promotion wherein I was able to purchase the madden bundle.

Death1885d ago

I will be shocked if the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in September.

I'm also shocked that people still think Amazon is good measure of sales trends. The only thing Amazon sales ranking measures is Amazon sales trends. It's a good possibility that more people that intend to buy a PS4 do so on Amazon. The Microsoft store has been doing some very aggressive promotions both in stores and online. There is a great chance more people are going there for their shopping. Microsoft even advertises many of the deals on the 360 and through direct advertisements to 360 owners email.

uth111885d ago

oh it's Pachter? I seem to recall he predicted this as soon as the price dropped. It didn't happen

He starts from a number of faulty assumptions. One is that because we can make set-top boxes and do game streaming people won't want consoles anymore. Ha

Another is that Microsoft will naturally dominates North American sales if only they'd drop Kinect and cut the price. Which hasn't happened yet

turdburgler10801885d ago

I can practically hear people evacuating their bowels on this comment section. Folks are just shaking with furious rage. Pretty sure someone burst a blood vessel from this. Oh how can you be so good at bringing together all these shoddy websites to encite such fanboy rage?

Ares84HU1885d ago


just stop arguing. This article is a bunch of BS.

Look at the key word:

"Xbox One outsold PS4 last month, according to analyst ESTIMATE"


This isn't fact, it's speculation.

Geekman1885d ago

Ps4 and Xbox One fans going back and forth looking at VG charts just proves neither of you has anything to play.

uth111885d ago

In 2009 Pachter prediced that the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii were going to be the last generation of consoles, because there's 'no money in it' and even if they do, third parties will not support them.


How can he be so wrong about the market he is paid to cover and retain his job as a securities analyst?

Haru1885d ago

''Xbox One outsold PS4 last month, according to paid by microsoft analyst estimate'' There fixed that for ya, no problem :)

morganfell1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Amazon has proven to be far more reliable than vgchartz. And will prove it is again this NPD. At some point it isn't just a case of a broken clock being accidentally right twice a day. I have used Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, and Walmart numbers since launch and I have been more correct than vgchartz every month.

Mr Pumblechook1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

"...according to fanboy Michael Pachter's guess"!

The article begins with a definitive statement that the Xbox One outsold PS4 last month - which is then qualified at the end that it is just the opinion of an analyst. This is dishonest journalism by Venture Beat's Jeffrey Grub but why did he write the headline that way?
There are two possible reasons. The first is simply to get hits by attracting people to read who are interested in positive XBO news.
The second is more sinister. It has been written with the purpose of coming up when people search for best selling console and it indicates a possible relationship with Microsoft.

Think that nothing dodgy is going? Go to Bing and search for "Best selling console last month" and see what comes out top. I give you a clue, it's Xbox One.

RedDevils1885d ago

Donthate should do stand up comedy hahaha

Major_Glitch1885d ago

Lol at all the Xbox only guys. Oh, so now that there's a small hope the xbone outsold the PS4 for one month, all of a sudden sales matter again. SMH!

mixolydian_id1885d ago

Destiny bundle and halo MCC for 320£?

Best console deal yet. It's a halo fans wet dream... I still haven't taken the plunge... Waiting for my inheritance to come through.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't bought a console and still doesn't want a ps4

Angerfist1884d ago

You Guys really have no ducking life seriously.

Watching Sales Charts on Amazon dafuq?

People like this need to leave the gaming community. Some goes with the Comment Stalkers and Dualshockers

VegasDawg1884d ago

Please get a life, you should be ashamed of being a fanBOY. Pathetic.

VealParmHero1884d ago

I know pachter is not really favorite around here, but he is just doing a job. his sources are no more or less reliable than anything else except for actual figures from the companies themselves or NPD. I personally find this one a little harder to believe, but I won't be all that shocked. The x1 is sort of shedding the negative image in the eye of the general public, and they have been doing much better in the PR dept. Some great games on the way, and deals where people can get free games, plus the kinectless sku. I meaan, if you approach this with some objectivity, it doesn't seem all that implausible.

As a side note, I know a decent number of people who just got or are getting an x1 this season. Not that a small sample of people I know is really much to go by, but I think people need to stop selling the x1 short. We have two really awesome consoles here, I think people should just stop arguing constantly over them.

XB1_PS41884d ago

VGCHARTZ MAKES UP THERE NUMBERS, PEOPLE. They were off on the PS3 numbers for like 6 months. There's no possible way of them knowing before NPD.

PONTIAC08G8GT1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Can someone please explain to me why this is important? Who honestly cares which system sold more? Do you get a % of all PS/X1 sales? Does either company personally thank you for your purchase? Some people are so tied up in console wars it's ridiculous. Buy a PS, buy an Xbox, buy a Wii, who the H#ll cares I mean seriously. Eventually X1 will win a month somewhere along the line so what's the big deal?

MaxKingoftheWild1884d ago

They actually are inaccurate enough to be wrong by that much. However, even if they were wrong by that much in the actual number then we still have evidence that suggests ps4 beat Xbone last month... Meaning vgc would just be off on xb1 as well.

UltimateMaster1884d ago

Patcher's never right about anything.
I could fart better predictions than he can.

BG115791884d ago

I don't know about the reality of this rumor, but the simple fact of seeing that it's Patcher that explaining this, well, it looses all credibility.

And it doesn't matter that he has good sources, because Patcher... Common!!

1884d ago
xx4xx1884d ago

Nobody on this site ever believes vgchartz...unless it's positive for Sony.

So you'll take that and one retailer as gospel. OK.

Your last sentence - take your own advice.

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Farmassy1885d ago

if it is true I honestly think it is because xbox has a better lineup this year. Don't get me wrong, there are games coming out in 2015 that will make me seriously consider purchasing a PS4 but right now xbox just has the better games

2015 is a whole new story

Assassingamer1361885d ago

Patcher is completely wrong ps4 has outsold the xbox one week per week. You're saying with the white destiny bundle, ps4 only sold 250k in September? Yeah...right. not even titanfall week outsold the ps4 let alone this

Farmassy1885d ago


first of all, calm down. Everything is going to be ok. Second, thats why I said "if it is true."

Never take anything pachter says to be 100% true. The best he can do are educated guesses (a decent amount of which have been wrong in the past). We will have to wait and see what the actual numbers are.

SilentNegotiator1885d ago

I guess Ps4 had the better lineup from November 2013 to July 2014, then.

Assassingamer1361885d ago

Thats the thing, anything he has said has been proven false. Its why he gets so much hate, for the simple fact he gives off stupid analysis bte I disagreed with you because you said the xbox line up is better which is false as well

memots1885d ago

So if they outsold a whole 1 month for 2014 its because Xbo has a better line up ?
what happened the other months ?

Jason_Plays_PC1885d ago

@Farmassy, You try to state as Fact that xb1 has the better lineup of games this yearwith no "imo" in sight..Stop starting arguments.

stormswrath1885d ago

Exactly what games are you referring to?

stormswrath1885d ago

It's funny when people state their opinions as fact.

avengers19781885d ago

I'd say even patcher, and the rest involved in the article know it's not true. They even say IF THESE NUMBERS HOLD TRUE, Thursday when NPD numbers come out.

PONTIAC08G8GT1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Good lord @assassingamer136, calm down it's really not that serious. Your coming off as a super-hardcore-die hard Sony fanboy. It's just numbers, who gives a sh*t. PS has outsold Xbox every month so what's the big deal.

Exclusive vs exclusive, the X1 has the better games.

Forza 5 and Horizon > Driveclub
Titanfall > Killzone
Not to mention Halo and Sunset Overdrive coming out soon. Is PS really going to hang their hat on Knack and Infamous? Now when LBP, Gran Turismo, and Uncharted come out, that will be a different story because those games will amaze.

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ThunderSpark1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Pretty sure they predicted the same thing last month and what happened? Pretty sure they predicted the same thing when Titanfall launched and what happened? Pretty sure they'll continue predicting the same bs every month and guess what will continue to happen?

It's time to leave the sales alone. PS4 is killing and Xbox and Wii are selling. It is what it is. Now go enjoy your games.

@above: XBOX having better games is completely subjective. That is your opinion but fact is many people are buying more PS4's than Xbox's because they think the opposite. Go figure.

16bitNutritionist1885d ago

People are buying the PS4 more because of the way MS came across at their unveil early last year. The better games this Christmas are defo on year...let's see...i believe that if X1 showed that they were much more indie, price and consumer friendly jus like Sony did with the PS4 unveil then both consoles would be extremely close sales wise.

Hanilugtehul1885d ago

Great comment,i 100 procent agree with you:)peace:)

LordMaim1884d ago

People are buying the PS4 because it has a strong exclusive lineup, and every multi-platform game on the console performs the same or better than on the Xbox One.

Having more games doesn't hurt either.

uptownsoul1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Come on, are we still listening to Pachter push his rhetoric?

noctis_lumia1885d ago

ppl are buyin ps4 because PLAYSTATION is the better brand since 1996 deal with it

uptownsoul1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I completely agree with you, but you should have posted this comment in the #1.3 comment bracket since that's where @16bitNutritionist made his comment

Gaming247allday1885d ago

Obviously you guys care what Michael Pachter has to say or else this Article would have no comments on it, i hate how fanboys contradict themselves all the time

DonMingos1885d ago

No one cares about what pachter has to say. He is infamous for being always wrong. People comment in here because the title says analyst.
But being pachter it should say "analyst"

Assassingamer1361885d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Why are trolls like you allowed on this site?

troylazlow1885d ago

Good news for MS? NO! This cannot be!!! Everyone is wrong. The sky is FALLING!!!!

MRMagoo1231885d ago

What good news ? It's patcher ffs when is he right ?

HighResHero1885d ago

Hah yeah.
I was going to make a joke like,
"but the analyst was Pachter"
Turns out it actually was Patcher. I don't think it was just a coincidence.

lelo2play1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

"Xbox One outsold PS4 last month, according to analyst estimate"

Well since it's Pachter, it's most likely the X1 didn't outsell the PS4 last month.

Visiblemarc1885d ago

The analyst was Michael Pachter so...take this "information" with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Pachter makes magic eightballs look incredibly clairvoyant.

ABizzel11885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

1. I read the headline, and thought it might be possible.

2. Went to VGC to check the numbers, they have the PS4 up by 130k units for the month in the US. Confused.

3. Went back and read the article, found out the analyst is Pachter.

4. LOL'd

5. Somebody is about to get schooled Pachter or VGC, if I had to choose I'd say it's Pachter. If so it's time to get him out of the industry once and for all. If VGC is wrong it's time to remove them from n4g once and for all. Either way win-win, although I'll miss V