Entertainment Weekly lists the classic games from the last 25 years

In its historic 1000th issue, Entertainment Weekly made a point to name the new classics of the last 25 years. While EW took everything from movies to tech to task, writers Geoff Keighley, Wook Kim and Gary Eng Walk clawed through the last 25 years of gaming to list the industry's most important releases. Here is the top 3. For the rest of the list please hit the link.

1. Tetris (PC)
2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
3. Doom (PC)

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Silogon4746d ago

Man is that list wrong. Way wrong. As if the list was made for commercial use and nothing more. As if they hadn't played a single one of those games rather just heard about them and thought, yeah this needs to go on there cause I hear people talking about it.

Pretty lame.

Greatest game ever made. So good it has no number because it is before the number you can give it - Shadow of the Colossus

1-Super Mario bros
2- Legend of Zelda
3- Suikoden
4- Alundra
6-Ratchet & Clank going commando
7-Resident Evil
9-Suikoden 3
10-Street fighter 2 nce

Those are my personal top 10.

PoSTedUP4746d ago

madden '95 isnt a classic anymore? like who are these people and were did they come from? like where the hell is pac-man? crusin' USA? (n64)
, mortal kombat? this list is lame.

Condoleezza Rice4746d ago

The fact that a game that released not 2 weeks ago,will soon join the Rankings.

IaMs124746d ago

I have to agree with that list pretty much, i think Goldeneye should be a few slots higher that was one my favs all time... man i wish they would do a remake for that on for all the systems

Diselage4746d ago

I think they got number one right. Tetris is just one of the most basic and addicting games ever.