Sony Santa Monica Ramps Up Hiring After Recovering from Layoffs and Settling in New Studio

After laying off a significant part of its personnel and canceling a PS4 game back in February, Sony Santa Monica has shown signs of recovery, starting to timidly hire a few developers again.

In the past few weeks, though, they’ve suddenly stepped on the gas of recruitement, and things seem to have gone back to normal, with multiple positions offered in a short timeframe.

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ashen1221886d ago

awesome SSM is one of my favorit devs,good to hear they're getting back in shape :)

DonMingos1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

These are great news, which, sadly I bet won't have as much attention as the layoffs

DigitalRaptor1886d ago

Do you remember the literal clusterf**k on here when Naughty Dog employees were leaving? People actually thought PlayStation was on the verge of being over because key staff were leaving Sony's premier dev studio after years of working for the same company, like happens with many other companies in the industry at the start of a new generation.

Now look where we are. You're right, this article will get nowhere near as much heat as it deserves to.

lodossrage1886d ago

That's because POSITIVE news people don't care about (especially if they're fanboys of the opposite side).

It's the nature of the internet and this site in general.

Instead of seeing the REALITY of the business people would rather jump to "doom" conclusions.

Stick around this site long enough and you'll see very sadly, it's the norm.

miyamoto1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

So basically Sony Santa Monica were just looking for new blood to flow inside their new studio.
Lay offs were just done to renew and refresh the development team probably for a new project.

Interesting move SSM.

tgunzz1886d ago

So, are they looking to bring back those that they layed off (The one's who probably haven't landed another job)?

DonMingos1886d ago

They are probably hiring the best available, regardless of where they worked before

tgunzz1886d ago

Just curious. I know that in some states when someone is layed off (due to the position being removed), they have to be atleast offered the position if it becomes available again. Here in Cali it's like that. Where I'm employeed there were several district operators let go due to layoff's, and a yr later those positions opened back up. Needless to say, a lawsuit took place, The company lost, and the settlements were huge...

Evolve1886d ago

Great news! More jobs = More money = More games!

GiggMan1886d ago

You got disagrees...

I'll tell you, some people.

Evolve1886d ago

It's alright man. Some people cares, some don't. I'm just happy to see people getting their jobs back or new ones.

u4one1886d ago

Right down the street from my own office and EA. :)

chrissx1886d ago

A new god of war. Make it happen!

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