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Evolution have tried to make a game that appeals to all racing fans, and in that they have broadly succeeded. But there are flaws. The AI seems to punt you off the track at every available opportunity, and Forza has it beat when it comes to customisation and handling. It's early days for us with Driveclub - we only had a few hours behind the wheel - and there's that promise of continued evolution in the form of DLC and the superb level of detail. It will be interesting to see if it's the kind of game we come back to again and again...

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Volkama1885d ago

It makes sense for Topgear to review gearhead games, but I didn't expect them to put up reviews that seem so gaming-oriented. I suppose they pulled in an expert from another gaming publication, but I can't see a name to confirm who's review this is.

I know it wasn't me, and I know it wasn't Abriel. That narrows it down.

UltraNova1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

So is it impossible for them to have an employee who's a long time passionate gamer and who could potentially give his opinion on a game while someone else handles the pro write up (they have a website and a magazine after-all )? Even then the write up still lacks depth...

They are gearheads over there right? I know a lot of gearheads who are gamers for life, myself included.

BTW, where do you write man?

EDIT: @EZMickey below

I'have to agree there...

EZMickey1885d ago

Curious that they call it a review and then admit to only having put a few hours in. I didn't see any score though so it looks like it's just a write up... With 'review' in the title :P