7 educated guesses at what Sony will unveil at Decembers’ PlayStation Experience

PSGamer: Late Last week, Sony announced a brand new event they were hosting to showcase the future of PlayStation called PlayStation Experience. Sony’s Senior Social Media Manager Sid Shuman took to the PSBlog to announce the event in a post titled “You’re Invited”. PlayStation Experience will span 2 days starting on December 6th and will be hosted in Las Vegas. One of the more interesting quotes from the announcement was that attendees of the event will ” get an exclusive first look at what’s coming next in 2015, which I am told you will not want to miss.”. It’s also important to note that parts of the event will be live streamed via the PSBlog, which isn’t something Sony would do if they didn’t have something exciting to show off. Coupled with the rumour that 2 previously unannounced AAA games would be getting an unveiling their and this event starts to sound very juicy indeed.

So what could Sony have up their sleeves for PlayStation Experience? We make a few educated guesses a...

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xHeavYx1879d ago

Uncharted 1-3 remastered + Uncharted 4 new video.
SSM New game

zeee1879d ago

My guess is that project morpheus' official name and possible release window/cost will be announced in addition to the new IPs.

UltimateMaster1878d ago

@zeee I think we'll need to wait for Project Morpheus.
The Occulus Rift ain't really on the market, and the first version they'll release is nothing more than a prototype.
When Project Morpheus comes out, they won't release it as a prototype, it'll need to be the best final version there is.
Uncharted 4 would need to be supported of the VR for it to take off.

geddesmond1879d ago

Honestly as a PS and Nintendo only long time gamer, I want to see the return of old franchises like Socom or a Mag2. Sequels to games like Syphon filter, GOW, Medievil from PS1 and Resistance. Any new IPs are good once proven because it's the old series I keep buying Playstation for.

To elaborate on what I said, new IPs like The order and Guerila games new game good look very interesting but until I have that joypad in my hand and know what experience I have gotten myself into these are not a factor as to why I choose Playstation each gen. Its the tried and tested games like Uncharted or Gran Turismo that makes me jump

BitbyDeath1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

A new Socom game is coming out next year.
It might not have the Socom name on it but it'll be more Socom than any Socom games we ever saw on the PS3...Socom

ipach1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

warhawk did online-only before it was (not) cool. wish a new-gen version of that could exist

MSBAUSTX1879d ago

Sony needs to bring back their platformers: Sly, Jak and Daxter, a REAL Spyro the dragon, Crash Bandicoot, and we need others like Croc and Gex to come back. Those games are the only way to steal any kind of competition from Nintendo because right now action adventure or 3D platformers are all Nintendo and I would love some others on other systems

HonestDragon1879d ago

Mentioning a new MAG could be beneficial to the PS4 multiplayer base. The first game was online only and got shut down completely in 2012 I believe. I never played MAG myself, so I'd have to go off of what others say as a recommendation.

I think we will see more on IPs releasing next year. Who knows? We may get another surprise like we did at E3 with LittleBigPlanet 3.

geddesmond1878d ago


MAG was one of those games that got a lot of hate because it was a Sony game, a new IP and online only but I thought it was brilliant. I leveled up the 3 classes to the max level, was one of the first 5 to get the platinum on and I played it for months on end. The game was great.

Imagine what Sony could do with a game like that on PS4

UltimateMaster1878d ago

If you like those kinds of battles in MAG, then you'll love Planetside 2 for sure.
I agree, MAG2 would be awesome, with more maps and future DLC.

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nicksetzer11879d ago

I honestly doubt much NEW stuff will be shown. My guess is new uncharted footage, beta for a game announced (idk which) and ratchet and clank remake footage and rime, wild and a few other games shown off. Not really expecting much new AAA content to be announced here.

jmac531879d ago

I would be so excited if they announce an Uncharted trilogy having never played any of them.

mixolydian_id1878d ago

Game delays to 2015 deliberate?

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Rimgal1879d ago

I just hope they show more of Wild. That game looks pretty epic.

rhap1879d ago

I've to agree. The trailer where you could see the giant skeleton underwater got me really curious about exploring the world. Hope they show more of it.

Cryptcuzz1879d ago

I was like WTF when I saw that huge lady thing in the trees. Definitely a game to watch out for and a breath of fresh air compared to most of the games released recently.

BitbyDeath1879d ago

Yep is my most anticipated title.
Not sure if it'll make 2015 though given how little we have seen of it.

Blackleg-sanji1879d ago

I sure hope so cuz I need more info on wild, rime and no mans sky:)

Eonjay1879d ago

And don't forget Hellblade.

FullmetalRoyale1879d ago

I personally having the Rainbow Moons to play in between big releases, and waiting for Fallout 4.

I personally do not necessarily need to spend sixty dollars on a game to have it feel worth while. I don't get the mentality of "one or the other", when I think they compliment each other quite nicely.

Then again, who gives a damn what ol' Jack thinks.

bleedsoe9mm1879d ago

we're do about 6 seconds of uncharted gameplay footage

GameDev11879d ago

Even the teaser was longer than that

but 6 seconds is better than nothing tbh

bleedsoe9mm1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

agreed , maybe in a couple of minutes montage of dev interviews concept art and finishes with a quick shot of the gameplay .

BitbyDeath1879d ago

I'd be happy just seeing Drake upper cutting someone for a split second.

Blackleg-sanji1879d ago

Most likely uncharted collection, rachet and clank remaster, uncharted 4 and then bloodbourne, the order 1886

With games being playable like- bloodbourne, the order 1886, tearway unfolded, maybe rachet amd clank since they said early 2015

Jaqen_Hghar1879d ago

they said the movie and game would be first half of 2015 so it could be as late as June but a man is hoping you're right about all the show's...erm...showings

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