Kickstarter Videogames Dying? Not So Fast, a Chat With Thomas Bidaux

Greg Micek writes: "A couple weeks ago a blog post on the ICO Partners website started making the crowdfunding rounds, and then proceeded to pop up on nearly every gaming site around. The innocently titled "Kickstarter and Video Games - 1st Half of 2014" written by Thomas Bidaux and is a recap of a talk he gave at the Ludicious Game Festival last month. The high level take-away from the piece is that videogame Kickstarters are collecting far less money in 2014 than they did in 2012 and 2013, and more of them are going unfunded. While many sites took this as a funeral march for videogame Kickstarters, the actual story is a bit more complicated than that. We were fortunate enough to speak with Thomas recently, and he was kind enough to share some more thoughts on the matter."

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