Todd McFarlane Talks Toys, Nerd Culture, and a “McFarlane Video Game”

DualShockers interviews the one and only Todd McFarlane on the show floor of New York Comic Con 2014 to discuss toys, nerd culture, and a "MacFarlane Video Game."

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crazysammy1464d ago

So this will be a long story but stick with me.

I met him once at a GameStop manager conference in Las Vegas. (Probably around 5 years ago) I waited in line so he could sign my xbox 360 halo controller that had his art on it. I was in line for an hour and I was the third person. After he shows up late, the first person gets an autograph then he immediately gets a phone call and walks away from the table for at least 5 minutes. He comes back the second guy in line gets his signed and he gets ANOTHER phone call. He gets up and leaves for 5 minutes.

Finally it is my turn. When I meet "celebrities" I always try to tell them something they may not have heard before. So I mentioned something about loving his run on X-men or something and being a left handed artist (Me being left handed myself) and I shit you not he looked at me perplexed and said exactly this... Read it with the space.

"You should... tell... your company... to buy more of my toys..." He said it like a half retard or something. I just looked at him and said "Uh ok" and walked away. What a waste of talent.

Oh and btw Todd, I love your figures now that you charge $20 for a figure barely larger than a GI Joe. Fuck yourself.