Best controller, memory card size, compatible games and other products to buy for PlayStation TV

Game Idealist's guide to the best complimentary products to buy along with the PlayStation TV.

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WackoDaSniper1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

PS TV sounds cool but
1. A lot of people don't share a TV.
2. PS now is overpriced and graphics aren't 100% when streaming and the library is lacking.

Unless PS Now becomes better and they offer a better library, there's no point in buying this if you own a console already.

G20WLY1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

720p accounts for the vast majority of console games, if you factor in all platforms. It'll look great playing my PS4 on my hotel room TVs while I'm away with work.

As for the library "lacking", you must be mad! Between streaming your PS4, playing Vita games and PSMobile, PS1, PS2 and PS3, it's the single best way to the most comprehensive PlayStation library available on any one platform. Not to mention the Movie/TV elements.

FarEastOrient1883d ago

Other than a steam box, what other platform brings out thousands of games. We can say mobile, but the quality of those titles doesn't match consoles and PCs.

badz1491883d ago

remote play with the PS3 is indeed possible but ps3 games are not "officially" playable through remote play.

I hope in a couple years when Sony decide to kill off the PS3, I hope they unlock PS3 games remote play for good. CFW has proven that it's entirely possible.

alwayzbusi11883d ago

Just want to point something out to you.

1. PSTv is a device that caters to multiple consumers. You have people who want to extend their PS4 to another room/place, people that want to play PS Vita/PSP/PS1 games on their tv, people that want cheap access to PS Now, people that want to expand the media capabilities of their tv ala Netflix ect., and any combination of the above.

2. While the 4 hour time should be changed to at least a day, Now pricing is only bad if you own a PS3 and can buy those games elsewhere. If you don't have access to a PS3 like me then the pricing is actually great in some cases. For instance I want to play a few games that are on the service that I missed on PS3. So what's cheaper for me buy a PS3 and 3 games or just beat them on PS Now on my vita?

ramiuk11883d ago

i want ps tv but i refuse to pay the price of vita cards.
wouldnt mind the streaming of games from my ps4 but in only 720p is a bummer

ajkula1882d ago

Seems you dunno anything about the vita in general...

illAmpRefugee1882d ago

Tbh they need 2 let us buy any ps game digitally now. Cus i have ps4 and desperately want KH remakes and Fx femake but ps3 hdmi port video output and sensors broke on my ps3. Btw i if they make it where the ps4 can play most ps3 games at least a digital version although it might make ps3 sales stop. It wont matter cus ps4 sales will sky rocket and they willl dominate this gen. Btw question i knw ps tv plays vita games and u can stream ps3 &ps4 games to it but willl it play digitally download ps3 games from psn?

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Master-H1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Tip: don't waste too much money on a memory card like i did with the Vita (32GB, something in the 60$ range), only to find out afterwards that you can back up (copy) your downloaded Vita games to and from a ps3 or a PC (with content manager).
I guess i should have done better research, only reason i didn't is because two of my buddies got ones before me and apparently they didn't know about this either lol

Remy_S1883d ago

That is way to much of a hassle when you can have all your games on one card.

OmegaShen1883d ago

32gb or 64gb and I'll just use my PS4 controller for it and it can be use in my bedroom.

lemoncake1883d ago

Ps tv and ps4 remote play, that is why I will buy this thing. No longer will i need to act like a cave man dragging the box up to bed when I want some late night action. Now I just hope Microsoft does something similar.

OculusRift1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

^This guy right here gets it.

No more will I have to move my PS4 from living into my bedroom (just to put it back in the morning.)

No more will I have to spend 5 mins having to figure out the correct way to push the cables (especially that pesky HDMI cable).

No more will I have to spend 2 mins re-configuring the PS4 network settings.

Now, I can just jump in bed, power on a DS3 or DS4 and get right into some (VITA/PS4) games or steam a movie.

I have a quick question though. What games are supported? I have big backlog of vita games to dig into.

morganfell1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I own 3 PS4s and I am still picking this up tomorrow.

Artista 1883d ago

I would rather a dualshock 3 to be honest.
So, the DS3 bundle is fine for moi.

I already have a 32GB memory card for my Vita so I'm set for this.

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