My Xbox One Friends List Is Down, And They’re A Little Rude About It Too

IM PLAYIN discusses the lack of an Xbox One friends list, and how the leaderboard message is a little rude to the friendless.

"No need to twist the knife there, Microsoft. After all, it's your fault that I don't have any friends. It's kind of a mean thing to say, but I know that I do usually have friends and once the section is sorted, all will be back to normal. It does make me feel for the people that don't have any online friends, or friends with an Xbox One, however. What if that's the message you see every time you log in to your Xbox One and casually scroll past the 'Leaderboard' section. I assume that's what it says when you don't have anyone in your friends list. It has got to be quite disheartening. I feel for those guys and gals, the Xbox Live friendless"

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oSHINSAo1883d ago ShowReplies(6)
troylazlow1883d ago

I love it when companies have a sense of humor.

ThePope1883d ago

Only Sony can have a sense of humor. When MS does it, it gets an article on N4G. And 2000 comments on how mean they are to people.

troylazlow1883d ago

Funny is funny, lets just agree to that. we don't need to bash a Sony or MS for something as simple as a Google Doodle.

DivineJustiniaV1883d ago

Don't you know?? MS is the devil, duh.

Rockstar1882d ago

@ thepope

Cry moar!

Turnabout is fair play.

I didn't see you crying about the animosity directed at the PS3 last gen

XisThatKid1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

And don't you forget it. JK, Not really. but seriously It'ds all what I said before if you have a friend that is an F'up than you have less affinity of their antics than someone that is in good graces this is basic knowledge if your comment is true. NO need to be defensive for MS they did this to themselves. In time it'll pass and their public image will exceed the fails they've made within recent years as happened with Sony and Ninty, cheer up bucko.


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TheJacksonRGN1883d ago

Doesn't come across as joke to me, nor does it come across as mean. It is just a statement that was made with no consideration for how it will be perceived.

I could be wrong but that is how I see it.

XisThatKid1882d ago

I actually agree with you though.

Gameplay9991883d ago

Awwwwww cry me a river....

nicksetzer11883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Strange how many articles we get about xbox one's home screen not showing friends for 20 minutes yesterday. (still worked if you snap or go into the app)

OT: since when is UI text suddenly a key issue? It's not rude it is just jokingly prodding you to
A. Form a community of gamers in which you reside (as that is one way how fanbase grows for a console and increase game sales)
B. Create a sense of competition to inhibit people to play games.

it obviously isn't MS saying "you suck and you have no friends," as this article would suggest.

Death1883d ago

It didn't always work when snapped or in the app. It took me awhile for Destiny to realize I had friends playing last night and allow me to invite them to my fireteam. I couldn't manually invite them to the game or party and had to do so through the game which didn't always recognize my friends were there.

Anyone know if this has been fixed yet?

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The story is too old to be commented.