Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preview - A Starting Point | GodisaGeek

James Bowden: "The confused questions of Monster Hunter’s past are replaced with excited desires to be as cool as everyone else, to know how to do the fun things and how you should fight in this zone rather than the confusion over menial tasks that was such a barrier to many. Combine this added sense of flair with the easier, more fluid movement, and you’ve got an instantly more appealing Monster Hunter.

Yet it does all of this without sacrificing the item and monster understanding that underpinned its predecessors, instead developing this area of the game as well thanks to a more involving world itself. Knowledge is still power and effective use of traps and bombs, alongside the environment, is still the best way to take down the likes of the Tigerstripe Zamtrios. So, how you do you ‘get into’ Monster Hunter? Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, that’s how."

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