PS4 Timed Exclusive HellBlade New Details About Story, Gameplay, Senua's Personal Journey & More

Ninja Theory held a Q&A session via Twitter providing ton of exciting new details about game's storyline, characters and other important aspect.

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nX1886d ago

Promising title but I would've preferred Heavenly Sword 2 :/

DarkOcelet1886d ago

I maybe in the minority here but i would have them make DMC 2 because it was awesome . They just need to stop screwing with Dante and bring the pizza and Strawberry sundae lover back . That show was awesome . Its a shame it was short .

NovusTerminus1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

DmC should have been a new I.P, or something in the DMC world, but not with Dante, just a different character.

While it was a decent action game, it was not upto DMC standards. And the fan base would have likely accepted it better if it was a spin off with new characters.

ABizzel11886d ago


The story and world the made was much better, although it wasn't perfect. If they co-develop with Capcom it could be amazing, but it seems that all the gameplay development talent at Capcom has moved over to Platinum.

darthv721886d ago

It does make one wonder why they are hesitant on a HS2. The first was good (so i thought) and they know many are interested in a sequel.

So what gives???

Godmars2901886d ago

They don't own the IP? Have come off as arrogant in regards to their productions?

Generally from what I've noted of them, while they promote epicness they strive for mediocrity. Accessibility to the general market. And for them to do a true sequel they'd have to improve or build upon what was done in HS1.

user56695101886d ago

yeah soon as i heard it was timed exclusive and not fully exclusive, it went from revolutionary goty to average. its ok we get it first. im looking more forward to deep down anyway. dont have a lot of money to spend on games it only so many lawn i can mow while going to school. capcom is going to give us the best gfx that has ever been seen before. all at 1080p. and its free, capcom always treats their fans right and give them want they want. they dont nickel and dime like ubisoft and gives their fanbase what they ask for while at(look at the last games the release) capcom is going to show how f2p is done without nickel and diming the loyal fanbase.

well its a win win for ps fans. game on ps bros dont forget the doritos and mountain dew.

nX1886d ago

"soon as i heard it was timed exclusive and not fully exclusive, it went from revolutionary goty to average"

You're the worst kind of fanboy there is.

Silly gameAr1886d ago

He's just trolling Bloodborn. I've sure anyone interested in this game knew it was timed before this Gamepur site made sure to point it out.

ABizzel11886d ago


I would have loved a Heavenly Sword 2 as well.

geddesmond1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Sony owned IP and this is independant.


Capcom owned IP and if Capcom decided to do a new DMC it might go to them or it might not.

As for Hellblade I'm excited to see what this games like. I love the celtic setting and artwork. Can't wait to see some gameplay.

geddesmond1886d ago

Lol actually when you think about it. Heavenly Sword and Hell Blade sound like different sides of a coin. Hell, Heaven. Sword, Blade. Maybe it is a sort of Heavenly Sword sequel but the exact opposite if you know what I mean.

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InTheLab1886d ago

Yeah how about a full exclusive heavenly sword?

S2Killinit1886d ago

this will be heavenly sword, with corrections where the other went wrong. But I guess thats any game right? doesn't mean it will be better. But I do have high hopes for this.

Death1886d ago

Hey, I thought timed exclusives are the bane of the industry and is killing gaming for everyone. Where are all the regulars that cry foul when a game is timed exclusive?

darthv721886d ago

You really want to poke that bear?

HeWhoWalks1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

There's a difference between a timed exclusive new IP (see Mass Effect, and Bioshock) and a timed exclusive from a franchise who's recent predecessor is already on multiple systems (Tomb Raider). Take this BS nonsense elsewhere. Thanks.

OT: I always love the work Ninja Theory puts into their titles. Any news on this is welcome!

lelo2play1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Absolutely, timed exclusives are bad for the industry... unless they are timed exclusive for your gaming platform of choice.

Like it or not, fanboys are hypocrites, and that's that.

nX1886d ago

Nonsense, this exclusivity is not bought, NT chose to make it exclusive because they can't afford to work on two platforms. The least you can do when trolling is getting your facts straight.

lelo2play1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

@Bloodborn (BTW it's Bloodborne)

I guess the 3rd party game Bloodborne's exclusivity wasn't bought by Sony. From Software also chose to make it exclusive to PS4 for free.

Developers must really love Sony since they all make these 3rd party PS4 exclusives for free (Sony never pays for 3rd party exclusives). Even the PS4's Destiny deal was made for free with Activision. /s

Seriously boy! How ignorant could you be ?

DigitalRaptor1886d ago

Are you really pulling the "IGNORANT" card Leo?

"I guess the 3rd party game Bloodborne's exclusivity wasn't bought by Sony. From Software also chose to make it exclusive to PS4 for free. "

Do you not recall Sony having a working relationship with Miyazaki on Demon's Souls where they collaborated on the game? Your point is noted, but Bloodborne is a terrible example when its an actual new IP and collaboration; not a paid timed-exclusive.

gangsta_red1886d ago

That is pretty interesting Death. I could have sworn MS money hats 3rd parties with their deep pockets and are evil for keeping games out of the hands of the competition. I mean that is what I read most from the majority of the high bubbled commenters on this site.


No, there is no difference. You just can't bend or change the rules when a company of choice starts and has been doing the same practice for as long as the other companies have.

HeWhoWalks1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

There are no changed rules. You don't know the deal behind Hellblade, while with Tomb Raider, you can make a pretty good guess, based on what was said, as to what occurred. The situations are NOT the same. Besides, why is it you guys feel a need to troll this article, pointlessly venting your frustrations? Should anyone in this topic care that you don't like this deal? I seem to recall many Xbox fans having that stance towards disgruntled PS fans about Tomb Raider.

As y'all put it: "why now have the rules changed"?

@ Rimgal: Exactly. Then it's a wonder they then talk about the "bad guys" that are PlayStation fans, while here they are, having NO interest in the topic at all (quite ironic, given what they're moaning about in the first place).

Death1886d ago

I get irritated with the hypocrisy, the only frustration I get is from the people that absolutely refuse to think. The situations are always different for every game and every developer as far as exclusives and timed exclusives go. From reading the interviews with Phil and response from Square, Microsoft invested pretty heavily into the development of the new Tomb Raider. It wasn't a check to make the game exclusive, they actually partnered up with Square and funded development for the new gamewith them. I would think any reasonable person would consider this a valid reason for the game to be exclusive or timed exclusive.

DigitalRaptor1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

@ Death

It would be hypocrisy if it were the same situation as having people annoyed about a multiplatform series becoming exclusive, where it clearly isn't. The initial outcry regarding that was the strong belief that it was a full exclusive, and the fact that people were mislead to believe that is what annoyed people the most.

You're just poking the bear.

"It wasn't a check to make the game exclusive, they actually partnered up with Square and funded development for the new gamewith them."

And you believe them? As much as you believed that No Man's Sky would always remain a PS4 exclusive?

MasterCornholio1886d ago

They are a small group of developers and they can't make the game for all systems at once. Heck there is only one person designing the game world which gives you an idea of the scale of the team. Once they are done with the PS4 version they will use the revenue from sales to produce the other versions.

Contrary to what many people think Sony didn't buy this.

Rimgal1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Let them fight. They obviously didn't read the article or saw the video, they no nothing about this game and probably have no interest in it. They just came here to say what they already said 100 times before, and tomorrow they will say the same thing.

Death1886d ago

I read the article. I am a little shocked to see Ninja Theory say they are now indie developers to justify the short length of the game.

"HellBlade is Indie AAA because it has all the quality of AAA games but created independently"

"No target gameplay length has been decided but HellBlade will be shorter than regular AAA retail game."

I would hope the price reflects Ninja Theorys new status and short game length. I'm a fan of Ninja Theorys work and wish them the best, but I also question their business model for the game. If it's $59.99 and very short I can see many fans being pretty harsh with it on release. Traditional indie titles are priced very cheap and don't seem to be the same quality as a typical Ninja Theory game.

Rimgal1886d ago

@Death Indie game just means that they will self publish this game. Unlike what they did for the past games they did. They were always an independent studio.

Now a quote from this article that I'm sure you also did not know.

"Why have we chosen to self-publish this game? Certain types of game are very difficult to make for AAA retail without being watered down or otherwise compromised for a mass audience. This is especially true of sword-based combat games or games of a distinctive style or unusual subject matter.

"We want to make a smaller, more focused game experience that is uncompromising in its combat, art and story, and deliver this digitally at a lower price," Matthews said.

DigitalRaptor1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

@ Death

I suggest go read up on the game, understand exactly what they are referring to when they mention "independent AAA".

They've already said multiple times that the game will not be full priced like a retail game and as such won't be as long.

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Silly gameAr1886d ago

"Where are all the regulars that cry foul when a game is timed exclusive?"

You're here aren't you? I mean, you stay in PS articles, even though you obviously don't play on PS consoles, and trying to spin something as a negative in a PS article, as usual.

And I'm not surprised one bit by the people who commented after and agreed with you one bit.

FITgamer1886d ago

Nothing wrong with timed exclusives as long as they are new IPs. Since there is no fan base no one will feel alienated. It's when you take something that previously available for all and make exclusive to one platform where it's an issue.

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Rimgal1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Apparently this game is coming for the ps3 as well. At least it's what it says on the title of this video they released.

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