GoodGameBro | NBA 2K15 Review

GoodGameBro writes, "Last year’s NBA 2K14 started with a great deal of fanfare. The intro video to that game treated it as the culmination of the developers’ work over 14 years, insinuating that it was finally the perfect game of virtual basketball. Of course, as soon as you actually got into a game, that insinuation was quickly proved false as NBA 2K14 was, on court and off, a low point in an otherwise stellar history of games.

NBA 2K15 does not seem to have such lofty goals as being the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of work. It’s a more humble game, looking to please at every chance instead of being restrictive and closed off. But, does that humility come with actual improvement? There’s a lot of ground to cover, so grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let’s dig in to NBA 2K15 and find out."

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