Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 06

The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes:

"On this episode, some of the questions answered are:

*What’s the scariest game you guys have ever played?
*Do you guys think developers should scale back on one system for the sake of parity with the weaker system?
*Which series do you prefer: Mass Effect or Fallout?
*Have you ever gotten deterred from playing a game, however great it may be, because you’ve not played the earlier games in the series?
*Do you get in the habit of buying games and then never playing them? *How big is your backlog?
*Why is the FPS genre is currently dominating? Do you think it will continue to do so this generation?"

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SwiffEpics1889d ago

My question to these guys is how comes they're so awesome? Lol seriously though this was a great show. Interesting answers on the scariest game question.

rbailey1889d ago

Some great topics discussed this week. Definitely planning to watch it live so I chime in sooner on all that's mentioned.