October 2014 downloadable rewards now available on Club Nintendo

This month’s digital rewards on Club Nintendo have gone live.

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3-4-51878d ago


Was hoping for better, but free is free I guess.

Th3o1878d ago

It's not free, it's "free" lol:P

GoPanthers9991878d ago

The "rewards" are not worth the storage space they consume.

crusf1878d ago

Oh come on. How much do you think Donkey Kong on NES will take up? 10 GB.

user55757081878d ago

the rewards are terrible. i have 1600 coins accumulated over 14 months and i have only downloaded the nes zelda. i wish they would give away better games for more coins like have new super mario bros 2 for say 800-1000 coins

namEuser1878d ago

What-in-the-hell-is-that-contr oller-for lol

GamingSinceThe80s1878d ago

Got Kirby's dream course today.It's one of those games I alway's wanted but never got around to trying it.I will say I'm not feeling let down at all,the game is great.Now I only wish I would have got it 20 years ago.But better late than never. lol! Now I just need to get Kirby tilt and tumble again now there's a game that was ahead of it's time because of the motion control's that were in the game pak it's self year's before that was a thing.