Face-Off: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

United Front Games returns to its surprise 2012 hit, Sleeping Dogs, bringing a spruced-up Definitive Edition to both PS4 and Xbox One with all DLC included. In addition to the content bonanza, the studio also takes this chance to improve the game's visual standard, with new atmospheric effects and lighting, among other tweaks, added to the mix. But are such changes impactful enough to bring the game up to current gen standards? And with a cheeky £10 Steam upgrade fee required for owners of the PC original, does it really justify a revisit?

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Corpser1879d ago

"the end result is that only the new PC version lives up to its Definitive Edition moniker"

NovusTerminus1879d ago

In all fairness though, this "upgrade" is very minor, and in no way is a testament to either systems power, and more a showcase of an un-optimized performance.

RG_Dubz1879d ago

Exactly, the original game with all DLC is around 15 GB, the definitive version is only 17.9GB, compare it to GTA V which is 18 GB's on PS3 but is 50+ GB's on PS4.

Not much work went into this release, it's more of a cash grab.

MRMagoo1231879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

seems its PC>>>>ps4>xbone going by frame rate, the game isnt even worth the purchase at all tho the minimum fps on the PS4 was 25fps and the minimum on the xbone was 22fps neither is satisfactory imo.

"But between the Sony and Microsoft releases, PS4's main advantage is undeniably on the performance front; Xbox One hitting the bottom end of the 20-30fps band during our tests, while segments of play unfold at 25fps at its worst on PS4."

buyakabuyaka61991878d ago

This is by no means a definitive edition. Pc version of sleeping dogs is much superior than this. Very disappointed. Hope r* shows them how it's done.

Remy_S1878d ago

I wanted to buy this, but it seems it can't even keep a solid 30fps. I guess I'll wait til it hits the bargain bin.

jukins1878d ago

Lol the determining factor for you to buy new was the occasional 5fps dip? Wow do you even game? Or just drool over specs

Remy_S1878d ago Show
jukins1878d ago

regardless of what 30 fps is or isnt and what the article says i simply responded to you're "I wanted to buy this, but it seems it can't even keep a solid 30fps...."

I mean im no expert but I see no mention of sloppy ports or 30 fps not pushing specs as your reasoning for not buying lol.