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Palmer Sturman: Interstellar Marines is an early access title available on the Steam platform. It’s being produced by a small team called Zero Point Software, based in Copenhagen. It’s an indie title that refuses to be classified as such, they’re clearly aiming to emulate an AAA product. For a title that’s been in development since late 2004 I can’t help but feel like the gameplay is a bare-bones, even for an early access title. Sure, all the elements are there, but they really only exist at their most basic forms. You’ve got your co-op – which is a recently added feature, multiplayer, and even a single player campaign, but when it comes down to it the gameplay feels bland and there are countless other FPS titles that do it better. The textures are on par with the first F.E.A.R game (remember that?), and the outdoor effects remind me a lot of Nether: the graphics are pretty from a distance, but are still plain and they need a lot of work to bring more life to them. While the tactica...

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