Future of Virtual Reality [Bonus Round]

Virtual Reality is the hottest tech in video games without question, but can it live up to the hype? Will VR be sustainable long-term? Who is the frontrunner between Oculus and Morpheus? Will the mobile Gear VR be affordable? The panel explores this, and more, on Bonus Round!

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Those Doritos are getting to Jeff.

OT: I think VR is a great stepping stone to move gaming forward, and I agree with everything Marcus said. VR is the step of allowing the player to view the game world in real time. The next step is finding out how to interact with the game world.

I don't think MS is going with VR for the XBO, I think AR is their only real option.

VR is in it's infancy, but it should really take off next-gen (for consoles at least) when the consoles should be more than powerful enough for 1080p @ 120fps in every game, and it should be much more affordable to produce a higher quality product as well.