Advanced Warfare to Feature Zombies in Exo Survival Mode

GoodGameBro writes, "If you've been following the rumor mill regarding Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you've likely heard that there's a rumored fourth game mode. Today's news won't confirm or discredit that, but it does let us know that zombies will be featured in Advanced Warfare."

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KyRo1887d ago

Do't quote me on this because I havent played BO2 zombies for a while but Is it me or does that map look like Mob of the Dead's Alcatraz with different zombies?

I'm not too convinced by this image tbh.

ScottyHoss1887d ago

It looks similar to the multiplayer demo map I saw on YouTube, which would make sense, but yeah the image leaves me skeptical and them knowing how many people love zombies leads me to believe that if they had them they would have said so long ago.

badz1491887d ago

they sure know what people love most about CoD games. I give them that.

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Blackleg-sanji1887d ago

O sh*t!!! Zombies plus the exosuit hmmm this game jus might be one of the best cod in recent yrs

Patrick_pk441887d ago

Is that really hard to top. The games are mediocre at best.

Blackleg-sanji1887d ago

Eh I enjoy it for what it is a quick fast paced time waster, I dont get all the hate

AJBACK2FRAG1886d ago

I think they should be going backwards in time not forwards.

Loadedklip1886d ago

They are soooo mediocre that no one has beaten them yet at addictive multiplayer shooting gameplay.

TheFallenAngel1887d ago

Zombies? Day one then. I love zombies mode in cod.

nX1887d ago

Because it's fun to shoot at crawling idiots while in an overpowered exo suit? :S

shin-901887d ago

On what planet is it not fun to shoot at crawling idiots while in an overpowered exo suit?

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The story is too old to be commented.