Noel Silvia implies 2.40 is very close.

In a post regarding PSP themes, a user named "Stunt" asked to be updated on some 2.40 info. Noel's response can be read right underneath Stunt's question.

Stunt | June 20th, 2008 at 8:58 pm

Noel, my friend, do you know when we will be updated on the v2.40 update Eric Lempel mentioned in the v2.36 post? I hope we don't have to wait until next week.

Noel Silvia replied on June 21, 2008 at 1:34 pm

Eric's working hard to get everything set for the launch of Firmware 2.40, including a video walkthrough.
I can't comment on when (as I don't know the exactly date!), but I'm just as excited as all of you for it.
Trophy Support + In-Game Messaging FTW!



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Silogon4791d ago

In game music is rather absurd really when you think about it. It basically overlays everything. You get the games music, sound effects and your music all in one. It sounds stupid. the way Sony has it in their PSN games is the best way. It cuts out the original BGM and keeps the sound effects as if it were meant to be.

In game music is only applicable if the game has music slider adjust to turn it off completely. Motorstorm is in dire need of custom music, though. The music in this game is some of the worst I've ever heard. EVER!

Joe29114791d ago

Motorstorm doesn't have sh*t music you just have sh*t taste in music.

chasuk084791d ago

No i agree motostorm does have sh!t music, apart from maybe 1-2 tracks.

resistance1004791d ago

Motorstorm has great music, it suits the game perfectly

heyheyhey4791d ago


jumping across canyons with Slam playing wasn't good for you?

your a tough one to please

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jamesrocks31474791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

voice chat is really needed the most id say. in game music is a nice thing to have to.

DanB914791d ago

It says "in-game XMB" not "In game messaging" so there probably will be in game music

ar4791d ago

Hasn't Sony already said that game developers need to add support in there games for in game music? Thought I heard that some where.

DJ4791d ago

And has been there for almost a year now. But some developers are finally activating that function for their titles on the PS3, such as Burnout Paradise and Wipeout HD.

It's important to remember that 360 developers have no say over which operating system functions are activated while their game is running. PS3 devs do, and some choose to reduce the PS3's OS to just its very basic functions in order to give themselves more RAM. If you have the option to improve your game, it makes sense to do this. But developers are starting to realize that PS3 owners also want things that 360 owners have grown up with, i.e. cross-game chatting and custom soundtracks.

season0074791d ago

but for a staff replying a forum post
you expect him to do a list like

In game XMB
In game music
In game photo browsing
In game system setup
In game....etc.

That's a little harsh

Domenikos4791d ago

You know Sunny =; (eggssss).

SpaZaA4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

*check for update*... I want cuuustom soundtracks!

ARog344791d ago

Listen, and don't fret at what I might say...

Sony did confirm 'In-game Communication' not so much as to say 'everything on the XMB'. Even though it may be a plus, music is NOT exactly what's needed. You can listen to music out of game so what will that change? I like in-game tracks as well, but PS3 games have already included that option, and this will grow thus making music on IG-XMB pointless for me. Overall, an improved message system and also the ability to talk in chats is KEY. Also, viewing the browser would really be ideal, too.

But from recent news I believe chat rooms and viewing movie files won't be a part of this Firmware for in-game.

sumfood4u4790d ago

I don't want to hear Cry Babies Whinning when the get creamed in Warhawk! I heard enuff when I was playing with my cousin! I wish you could Filter out Idiots, an or Soar Losers! Not calling no one a Loser on N4G just the ones online who own a PS3 an Cry about losing to me when I don't even own a PS3 yet, an I still Cream'em!

fredy4790d ago

"I don't want to hear Cry Babies Whinning when the get creamed in Warhawk! I heard enuff when I was playing with my cousin!"


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MaximusPrime4791d ago

he didnt say when it will come. he didnt even say it is "close".

It will come when it ready. Maybe tomorrow, maybe a month or two.

cglz64791d ago

lets just wait a second and think about it. First off why will they be getting ready for a launch if its not going to be coming out in a month or two like you are saying. So c'mon just think for a second.

jamesrocks31474791d ago

i would say less then 1 month. Eric did say there will be in game xmb trophies and enhancements to. when you use in game xmb all your going to be able to use it for is to see your friends and message them if you cant have in game music or use any voice chat features. which voice chat to your friends over all games is what ps3 needs. with all these features XBL is dead and when home and the video store is realesed that is the iceing on the cake for PSN. o and also video uploader for youtube on all games that would be amazzing.

Deathbringer4791d ago

wait so wat are we getting for update 2.4?/