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Driveclub offers a a clean and competent look at the arcade racer genre, with grounded physics and beautiful circuits. However, the game lacks long term playability. Kyle of Gamer Assault Weekly gives us his review of the game.

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BoriboyShoGUN1887d ago

got online last night for the first time. This game is fun when it works correctly, I just fear a lot of people have lost hope and will steer clear of the paid version. Sucks when you make a club and not one single person on your list is playing the damn game :(

Dannyh1887d ago

I'm still picking it up in just waiting for the issues to be corrected before I play it. Bf4 was so broken that I didn't even want to play it once they fixed club looks amazing

Mikemaker441887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Despite the average reviews this game is getting I still very much enjoy the game. Been wanting a sim racer kn the PS4 for quite some time now and this is more than enouh for me. Havent hadthis much fun since Dirt and Grid. I never liked racing games before but this certainly is up thrre as one of the better racers I have played