Paste Magazine: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review

"If it feels like I’ve been remiss in talking about mechanical changes, it’s because there aren’t many; the new “Cryo” weapon type can be visually satisfying when you freeze an enemy solid and then shatter it, but in practice doesn’t feel like it has a strong identity compared to the series staples of fire, corrosive, and electric weapons. The low gravity environment of Elpis allowing for floaty midair combat and the “do not call it a butt slam” butt slam (enabled by your Oz kit, one of which actually adds a farting noise to your butt slam) are interesting quirks, but they’re hardly necessary. The game’s devotion to reproducing low gravity physics is interesting and often hilarious, but can sometimes be irritating. Opening a container outside a pressurized environment causes the lid to fly off into space and the contents to scatter, which is funny until you see a piece of powerful boss drop equipment float away from you at high speed and then drop into a chasm where it’s inaccessible.

Otherwise Pre-Sequel offers what fans expect, but with enough new toys and jokes to keep their attention. It’s probably not the best starting point, but if you find either of the previous Borderlands to your liking, Pre-Sequel should satisfy. It’s a funny shooting spree where the response to “Dying is easy; comedy is hard” is to turn dying into comedy."

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