Gamernode: Summon Night: Twin Age Review

Gamernode writes: "The Summon Night franchise has undergone a significant amount of metamorphosis over the years, trying its hand at a number of RPG sub-genres, and achieving mild success with each. The latest from the folks at Flight-Plan taps into the unique input options of the Nintendo DS, and delivers a somewhat novel, but unspectacular gaming experience.

The game begins with themes straight out of role-playing 101: normally peaceful spirits overrun by darkness; an isolated, semi-human society that maintains an intimate relationship with nature; tension between races, propagated by fear and manifested in hatred; an orphaned brother and sister who must revisit their past; and magic. It's as if every RPG in history threw their individual plot elements into a hat, and Summon Night: Twin Age reached in to grab a handful. This doesn't necessarily mean bad things for the storyline, it just makes the player feel overly familiar and slightly used."

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