Destiny Video Shows Path Leading Off Map and into Unreleased Area

Gameranx: "Could this be part up an upcoming DLC package?"

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JontheNerd1888d ago

They better add some stuff soon or gamers will stray away from it and it's repetitive gameplay.

Dontworrybhappy1888d ago

Repetitive gameplay? As if. Gameplay is the major thing holding me to this game. It sure as hell isn't the story.

thekhurg1888d ago

People have short term memory issues when it comes to gaming, and they don't realize that Destiny provides more content than BF4, CoD or any other FPS offers at release.

JontheNerd1888d ago

Ok I think I used my wording incorrectly. I mean that the activities and things we do in the game are cycled to much. When I got access to the Queen's Mission I was pumped for some new stuff, when really it is the same missions over and over.

And I agree the story is lacking major substance, and needs a lot of work.

The gameplay is addicting and really fun.

Apologies for the mix up.

Enate1888d ago

@thekhurg Its also not ment to be built like those games. Destiny was toted as provide a huge amount of content outside of the crucible. An most of us have found out its not so huge.

BattleAxe1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"thekhurg + 2h ago
People have short term memory issues when it comes to gaming, and they don't realize that Destiny provides more content than BF4, CoD or any other FPS offers at release."

Thats total nonsense. Call of Duty comes with a full single player campaign, co-op modes, usually around 12 - 14 multiplayer maps and around 12 different game modes on release.

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objdadon1888d ago

Well I got over 200 hours in now so repetitive or not, I've been locked in! People are funny as hell imo, they act like every other game is not repetitive or something lol! Every game I've e played is repetitive! The question is is it fun? My answer for destiny is hell yes!

HacSawJimThugin1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Me too...233h 8m to be exact. Destiny dominates my activity feed on XB1 even tho the content is lacking we find ways to keep ourselves busy #DarkFront

Enate1888d ago

Me an quite a few friends have put in some serious time as well. Though as much as we love it we are at the point where everyone is starting to taper off. Especially since maybe 2 of us actually like the pvp though none of us bought it for that.

Hop on week reset smash the raid, kill the weekly nightfall and strike and whatever else. An then sit there if you did not manage to pull raid gear to level up higher. Since you can only run it once an may not pull any raid gear all.

Perjoss1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

They already added a raid and 2 events, Queens Wrath and the Iron Banner pvp event going on right now. Game has also been patched at least 2 times and thats just the first month. They are doing ok if you ask me.

JontheNerd1888d ago

Agreed. And I do appreciate that they have managed to release these new events. However, The Queens Wrath are just the same missions cycled over, the Iron Banner is just the same PvP with just lvl balancing turned off.

I am not trying to put the game down (I play it as much as the next guy) this is just what I see.

I love the game (really, you can read my review), but I am disappointed in the lack of story and the lack variety.

Plus maybe all the hype got me expecting to much.

ramiuk11888d ago

strikes are still fun,even if played them so many times.
i have sold it already though because i was fed up with no reward for a huge grind.
i dont mind grinding but with rewards.

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Fireseed1888d ago

Hahahaha holy crap it's like Bungie is a husk of it's former self. Not just for the cutting content and making people pay later... but they at least used to know if you give players an opening they'll get outside the level.

kurruptor1888d ago

Cutting content? Because what you saw in that video was clearly finished and ready for release right?

Give me a break.

itisallaboutps1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Yeah for the most part yeah. The modeling is done. All they have to do is add the baddies. Which i am sure has been finished before the game even released. After all they need a big dlc file if now the consumers would start getting a fishy smell.

I am sure you bend over like that for everyone else right? I guess mommy or daddy work for bungie? 0.o

Fireseed1888d ago

Because this shit is already even partially done and the main package of Destiny is lacking beyond reason. Like I keep saying Bungie might want to confirm they had to cut content, because if they think Destiny was a complete package then that's even more telling of how far they've fallen since joining Activision.

kurruptor1888d ago

No, but I am a software developer... so I have a clue on how the development cycle works.

Modeling is done? We didn't see squat in that video except unfinished areas. So, I think you're just jumping to conclusions.

Sure they just throw some baddies in there (not easy either) and everything is good to go right? Who cares about every other aspect that needs to be in place.

They very well may have finished even a lot more by time the game actually released, but everything still has to be finalized and tested, which can take months.

This game already has more content than any other FPS before we've had to pay an extra dime. So, quit bitching about lack of content.

Mikemaker441888d ago

Interesting gun you've got there

HeavenlySnipes1888d ago

The Vex Mythoclast aka the most OP PVP weapon

Cryptcuzz1888d ago

It's OP in and out of PVP, but damn do I want one :)
I want to be able to do the RAID to have a chance to get one (lvl 28 -almost 29 Hunter) but don't have enough people to do the VoG. I'll check on the forums to see if I can hook up with a few today that willing be doing that later on today.

-Foxtrot1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

How can people support Bungie with this game when all this "DLC" content is being leaked to be in the game.

Come on

If this was EA or Capcom people would be having a fit

kurruptor1888d ago

How can you call this content? It is a shell of an area. It isn't finished. There's nothing in it.

I feel like a broken record explaining this, but apparently you guys don't know how development works.

They probably finished the majority of the game months before release. At that point they worked on QA and testing mostly.

Do you think at that point they just completely stopped working on future content? No, they didn't. They kept working on things for the Expansions and DLC. What you are seeing is some of that work.

Fireseed1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"How can you call this content? It is a shell of an area. It isn't finished. There's nothing in it."

You talking about this area or Destiny as a whole?

TekKing1888d ago

Yes, complain about DLC areas (not even full content) already being in a game that you can only play online. I mean if you're that upset you could always (not) play the content you already paid for offline.

thekhurg1888d ago

Do you even understand how a MMO game works? When they build worlds in a MMO, they build the majority of the landscape, and add the events later. You don't see people being ignorant like yourself and bitching at Blizzard for having Raid content in zones without being able to access it. Nobody complained that Icecrown Citadel was sitting there at the beginning of WotLK even though you couldn't enter it for over a year.

Just because some texture work and polygons are there, doesn't mean it's populated with enemies, scripted events, or doorways to other zones, etc...

-Foxtrot1888d ago

Do you even understand how Bungie have repeatedly said this game IS NOT an MMO

So if the developers have stated this themselves then it shouldn't be treat as one.

ScottyHoss1888d ago

PR mumbo jumbo, it's an MMO, they said that to avoid scaring people off.

jriquelme_paraguay1888d ago

Almost 200hs played, level 28 almost 29... but im a bit little tired of the game. Can not wait to play Advanced Warfare, and then back again to Destiny few weeks to see the "expansion".
Already bought the Digital Guardian Edition, a little dissapinted by far, and if the expansion is only just that content leaked a few days ago, i will be very pissed off... sorry my bad english LOL

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1887d ago

almost 200 hours played? You got your money's worth. Disappointed or not.

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